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General Reference Materials

General Reference Materials

Amicus, nationwide catalogue of the National Library of Canada.

On-Line Books Page , designed and administered by John Mark Ockerbloom at CMU. 15000+ on-line literary and academic texts.

Project Gutenberg, designed and administered by Pietro Di Miceli. A large collection of on-line literary and academic texts.

World Lecture Hall , Courses and syllabi of Web courses on dozens of topics


American Psychological Association

Archives of the History of American Psychology, at University of Akron, Ohio

Classics in the History of Psychology An on-line collection of dozens of historically-important psychological documents.

CogPrints An electronic archive of scholarly research on cognition develop by Stevan Harnad.

Hanover College Psychology Department Links to many interesting sites

History and Philosophy of Psychology Web Resources Site Shared by APA Division 26 (History of Psychology), CPA Section for History & Philosophy of Psychology, and Cheiron

Library Guide to the History of Psychology, compiled by Miriam E. Joseph of Saint Louis University.

MegaPsych, by John Nichols of Tulsa Junior College

Mind and Body: Rene Descartes to Willaim James An on-line history of psychology by Robert H. Wozniak, Bryn Mawr College.

MIT Encyclopedia of Cognitive Science.

Psycsite An index of links to many sites relevant to psychology

PsychWatch List of Links to many Psychological Organizations

Psych Web, by Russ Dewey: Links to hundreds of sites relevant to psychology.


Teaching Psychology in Cyberspace An article about psychological resources on the web by Dr. Barbara Brown of Georgia Perimeter College

Timetable of Significant Events in Psychology 1846 to 1935, by Lloyd Gordon Ward and Robert Throop, Department of Sociology, Brock University, St. Catherines, Ontario, Canada.

Today in the History of Psychology, by Warren Street of Central Washington University


Contemporary Philosophy of Mind: An Annotated Bibliography, compiled by Dave Chalmers of UCSC)

Dictionary of the Philosophy of Mind, by The Washington University (St. Louis) Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology Program.

Episteme Links. Philosophy resources on the internet, including a huge list of e-texts.

History and Philosophy of Psychology Web Resources Site Shared by APA Division 26 (History of Psychology), CPA Section for History & Philosophy of Psychology, and Cheiron

Internet Classics Archive. Complete texts on-line of over 400 Classical works from Homer to Plotinus.

JSTOR, on-line .pdf files of many academic journals, dating back to the 19th century

PhilSci Archive. U. Pittsburgh eprint repository for documents pertaining to the philosophy of science.

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, edited by Edward N. Zalta.


Euclid's Elements.

Founders of Neurology Brief biographies of dozens of significant contributors to the study of the brain and nervous system. (Department of Neuoscience, University of Illinois, Chicago).

The Galileo Project All about Galileo, his research, era, and accomplishments, from Rice University.

Internet History of Science Sourcebook Edited by Paul Halsall, Fordham University.

Johannes Kepler: The Laws of Planetary Motion A discussion of Kepler's theories regarding the elliptical orbits of the planets.

JSTOR, on-line .pdf files of many academic journals, dating back to the 19th century

Science in the 19th-Century Periodical

Images of Tycho Brahe An exhibit of paintings featuring Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe.

Vesalius Image Archive Large collection of anatomical drawings, including many images of the brain.

Whole Brain Atlas Images of all of the structures of the human brain.


Lectures on Modern Eurpoean Intellectual History from "The History Guide"

Egyptian Antiquities Information from the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism.

Treasures of the Sunken City Underwater archaeological site at Alexandria, Egypt


The Art of Pitching by Henry Chadwick, first published in the July 31 1886 issue of Scientific American (posted on The Diamond Angle Archives).

Association of Cricket Statisticians and Historians including a section on the rules for cricket dating back to the 18th century., includes a downloadable database of complete hitting, pitching, and fielding statistics back to 1871, among other features

Baseball Almanac, the "official" baseball history site.

Baseball Cards 1887-1914, Library of Congress American Memory Project, baseball research, statistics, and links

Baseball Index, a catalogue of baseball literature, mounted by the Bibliography Committee of SABR., the best site for player, team, and league statistics back to the 1870s.

"Baseball's Earliest Rules", by David Block (at SABR site)

Beadle's Dime Base-Ball Player (1867). Edited by Henry Chadwick. (Posted on Don Lawson's "Vintage Base Ball Page")

Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, in St. Mary's, ON

"Early Bat and Ball Games", by Thomas R Heitz & John Thorn (at SABR-UK site)

The Inside Game: The Science of Baseball, a classic article by famed sports writer Hugh Fullerton first published in The American Magazine, May 1910 (posted on The Diamond Angle Archives).

Major League Baseball

Major League Baseball Graphs

National (U.S.) Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, in Cooperstown, NY

Physics of Baseball website by Alan Nathan of U. Illinois.

Retrosheet, game-by-game boxscores and play-by-play narratives of every major league baseball game back to 1974, plus team and player seasonal and career statistics.

Society for American Baseball Research, the foremost baseball research organization

Toronto Blue Jays' Official Web Site


A Trip to the Zoo with my family and my brother's family in July 2003. (My son Marcus is in the blue hat.)