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Elspeth Guild

Prof. Elspeth Guild

Faculty of Law, Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands and Kingsley Napley, London, England

Elspeth Guild is Senior Associate Research Fellow at the Centre for European Policy Studies, Brussels, as well as Professor of European Migration Law at the Radboud University, Nijmegen. She is also a partner at the London law firm Kingsley Napley. She lectures widely on EU law and recently acted as special advisor to the UK House of Lords Inquiry into EU economic migration.

Her main areas of interest and specialization include: European immigration and asylum law, human rights law and integration.

Her latest publications include: Guild, E., Baldaccini, A. and Toner, H. (Eds.) (2007), Whose Freedom, Security and Justice? EU Immigration and Asylum Law and Policy, Hart Publishing; Guild, E. and Baldaccini, A.(Eds.) (2007), Terrorism and the Foreigner: A Decade of Tension around the Rule of Law in Europe, Martinus Nijhoff Publishers: Leiden; Guild, E. (2007), Security and European Human Rights: protecting Individual Rights in Time of Exception and Military Action, Centre for Migration Law, Wolf Legal Publishers: Nijmegen; Guild, E. (2006), “The Europeanisation of Europe’s Asylum Policy”, International Journal of Refugee Law, Vol. 18, No. 3&4, pp. 630-651, Oxford University Press; Guild, E. (Ed) (2006), Constitutional Challenges to the European Arrest Warrant, Centre for Migration Law, Wolf Legal Publishers: Nijmegen.