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Cities Within the City (The Agenda, TVO)
They run four of the most important universities in the country. They are all located in Ontario's capital city. They all compete for students. But they also work together to improve the educational experiences of the more than 200,000 students, faculty, and staff they serve and employ. The Agenda discovers on which issues they find agreement.

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Why a survey of 15,000 Toronto students presents a terrifying look at the city’s transit system – and a way to fix it. (National Post)

"As a result of the collaboration between all four major universities, all using student-recorded travel diaries, the study provides a comprehensive snapshot of the city’s 184,000 university students. It’s a group the researchers say has been missed or underrepresented when conducting traditional landline surveys such as the TTC’s Transportation for Tomorrow survey."

"But the study does not just give more information on students, it also gives policy-makers and researchers a better understanding of the transit system."

“What our survey does is provide a microcosm of the problems that are faced right across this region,” Siemiatycki said.

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GTA student commute times are too long: joint transportation survey by Ryerson University, University of Toronto, York University, and OCAD. (Inside Toronto)

"Roger Keil, environmental studies professor at York and one of the researchers for the survey, said the high number of responses clearly indicates the topic’s importance. Keil, who himself spends 90 minutes each way commuting by transit, said he was surprised to find only 12 per cent of students said they drove to the Keele campus. “Judging from the amount of cars in the parking lots, I thought it would be higher,” he said. The survey’s preliminary results found York students have among the higher commute times, with 41 per cent spending two hours or more per day travelling to and from campus. Now that the survey is complete, next steps involve making data available to other researchers, which might lead to better policy and infrastructure decisions, he said."

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Four Toronto universities release findings of student transportation needs. (York Media Relations)

"StudentMoveTO, a collaboration between Toronto’s four universities to address student transportation needs, found that students in the GTA are spending too much time commuting to and from classes each day."

"The findings are the result of a joint survey conducted by the four universities. It is the largest survey of its kind in the region, completed by 15,226 students from OCAD University, Ryerson University, York University and the University of Toronto. The initiative is the first travel survey in the GTA to effectively capture student travel patterns, offering a window into the transportation challenges university students face."

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Marathon commutes affecting quality of GTA university students’ education, report says. (Toronto Star)

"Among the report’s findings; about one third of students are spending more than two hours per day traveling to and from campus, and the further a student lives from campus the more likely they’re to pick courses based on their commute, and be discouraged from participating in on campus activities because of travel time."

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