MCRI researcher in the media

MCRI researcher Roger Keil has been quoted in two recent articles on the suburbs:

Ahmed-Ullah, Noreen. (June 3, 2016). "How Brampton, a town in suburban Ontario, was dubbed a ghetto." The Globe and Mail.

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“It’s an interesting case because you have this clustering and clumping of particular people through market processes and social relationships,” says York University professor Roger Keil, who researches global suburbanization. “Immigrants from a particular ilk living together – that’s the common history of immigration from the Lower East Side of New York City to 19th-century Vienna.”

"Cities Are Not as Big a Deal as You Think." UNDARK.

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"Roger Keil, an environmental studies professor at York University in Toronto, began discussing this idea with several colleagues following the release of the 2007 UN report. They realized that most public discussion about the current “urban century” focused on “the couple of square miles around city centers,” he says. Yet most urban dwellers today — as well as the three billion more expected in the future — are likely occupying suburban areas. “Why are we not talking about these suburban expanses?” he wondered."

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