Research Assistants

Jamilla Mohamud

Jamilla is an undergraduate student completing a Bachelors in Environmental Studies with an area of focus in Urban and Regional Planning. She is interested in city building through community partnership and understanding the intersecting issues that communities confront as part of the process of urbanization.

Jamilla will be working as a research assistant on the SSHRC PG Grant, "Urbanization, Gender, and the Global South: A transformative knowledge Network (GENURB)" for Fall and Winter 2017/18.

Esteban Sabbatasso

Esteban Sabbatasso is a Graduate Assistant for GenUrb for Fall and Winter 2017/18.  He will be helping to create and administer the project website.  Esteban is a Masters student in the department of Politics at York University.  His research interests include postcolonial studies, international development, indigenous studies, new social movements and civil society in the global south.

Esteban has 10 years of experience in communications and project management in the non-profit sector, including community development in villas miseria (shanty towns) in South America.