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Utopia, Power and

POLS 3025
A Century of Revolution

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Classical Marxist Thought

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POLS 6030 / SPT 6101
Theory and Practice
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POLS 3025 3.0A (W)
A Century of Revolution


Divine Right Claims and Parliament's Challenge:

The Trew Law of Free Monarchies (James VI & I)

James VI & I, Speech to Parliament

The Petition of Right

Two Houses of Parliament to the King at York, 19 Propositions 

Charles I, Reply to 19 Propositions

The Constitutional Conundrum:

A Treatise of Monarchy (Hunton)

Leveller Texts:

An Arrow Against All Tyrants (Overton, Oct. 1646)

An Agreement of the People (Army Agitators, Oct. 1647)

Putney Debate (Oct. 1647)

Putney Debate Re-enactment (radio play, introduced by Christopher Hill)

England's New Chains Discovered, 1st Part (Lilburne, 1648)

England's New Chains Discovered, 2nd Part (Lilburne, 1648)

An Agreement of the People (Lilburne, May 1649)

The Levellers Vindicated (Burford Case, 1649)

A Manifestation (Walwyn, 1649)

Killing Noe Murder (Sexby, 1657)

Winstanley's 'True Levellers':

A Letter to Lord Fairfax (Winstanley, 1649)

A Declaration from the Poor Oppressed People of England (Winstanley, 1649)

A New-Yeers Gift for the Parliament and Army (Winstanley, 1650)

Movie: Winstanley

Robert Filmer:

Observations upon Aristotle's Politiques (excerpts)

John Locke:

Two Treatises of Government