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Administrative Applications



eReports is the York University Enterprise Reporting System and provides reports for a number of administrative functions. These include:

  • Alumni and Fundraising
  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • Student Financial Services (Awards)
  • Telecommunications
  • Health & Safety
  • Maintenance Service Requests
In addition, the Financial Forecast and Budget application is accessed from within eReports. This module allows you not only to submit your forecast and budget amounts, but also allows you to view the final submitted budgets upon approval.

Who can use this service

  • York Faculty and Instructors
  • Academic Researchers
  • Administrative staff

Service Details


  • eReports provides reporting for enterprise applications supported by UIT. Information contained within a report may be derived from multiple data sources/applications (e.g. report may contain a combination of Financial data, Endowment information and externally-sourced information)
  • Security privileges are enforced for all reports. Reports may be restricted to the user (i.e. who can view the report) as well as the data contained within the report (i.e.. department or cost centre level authorization)
  • Desktop support (e.g. web browser compatibility issues) may be redirected as necessary to local Departmental / Faculty IT service units.


  • The development of new reports and/or changes to existing reports is solely at the discretion and approval of the data owner (e.g. a request for a new employee related report must be authorized and approved by the Human Resources Department).


  • There are no charges associated with the delivery of eReports services.

How to request / access this service

  • In order to access to eReports, you must have both a valid Passport York account as well as an eReports account. To login, goto the website:
  • To obtain a Passport York account, goto the website:
  • To request eReports access, send an email to the together with your Passport York username. For access to HR and Financial reports, you must also provide the necessary approvals and a list of cost centres and/or departments to which you need access to.


How to get support

  • University Information Technology provides support for eReports. To request assistance, send an email to or phone (416)736-2100 Ext. 55800
  • The Feedback tab allows you to send an email directly to the support team to either ask a question or provide comments about the application.


  • To enroll in one of the "Working with eReports" training sessions, visit the Training and Development Unit of the Department of Human Resources and Employee Relations web site
  • Special arrangements have been made for Researchers looking to enroll in eReports training. Click here for more information.

Online Help

  • There is a help menu available from the report menu which provides access to online documentation such as Frequently Asked Questions, a Report Catalog and Documents and Forms.
  • For a full list of all reports available within eReports, see the Report Catalog located in the Help section.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Access the FAQ from the eReports Help menu bar. The help section is located immediately below the reports menu on each page.