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Research Computing

Research Computing Services


University Information Technology provides a whole host of services and facilities to support and advance the research initiatives of York faculty. These include:

  • Consulting on research grant preparation.
  • Developing research collaboration tools.
  • Systems design, support and Project Management.
  • High performance computing facilities and access to research oriented networks
  • Procurement of hardware, software and related services.

Who can use this service

  • Academic researchers and graduate students

Service Details


  • High Performance Computing (HPC) - There are significant computer processing resources available for York researchers through the SHARCNET consortia. SHARCNET offers a HPC environment distributed among several universities in Ontario. Additional information is available on the SHARCNET web site at
  • Systems Management Service - UIT can provide system administration service for various research systems and lab set-up. UIT has experience with Unix/Linux/MacOSX clusters and research lab setup. Additional information is available in the Server Management description of the catalogue.
  • Server Hosting - UIT can host research servers in a highly secure and controlled environment. Additional information is available in the Server Hosting description of the catalogue.
  • Collaboration Tools - UIT offers a wide variety of collaboration tools like videoconferencing, media streaming, Wikis/ Blogs and Content Management Systems.
  • Pre and Post Grant Consultations - UIT provides assistance with grant proposal development specific to research computing.


  • Researchers can seek information and consultations Monday to Friday between 9 am and 4 pm. Please contact UIT Research Computing Services at to schedule an appointment.


  • Charges vary based on type and extent of the research requirement. Quotes can be obtained by contacting UIT Research Computing at

How to request / access this service

  • To request this service, please email UIT Research Computing Support at


How to get support

  • Please contact UIT Client Services at or ext 55800 (416-736-5800)

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