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Wireless Service (AirYork)


This service provides wireless networking connectivity to all members of the York University community. As a result, authorized members of the community may connect to York's Wireless service using a notebook or other portable device to access the York Wireless Network.

Who can use this service

  • York faculty and instructors
  • Administrative staff
  • Academic researchers
  • Visiting scholars and guests
  • Students enrolled in full time or part time programs

Service Details


  • To ensure fairness amongst users, usage-based features have been put in place. For example, bandwidth is capped at a rate of 1 Mbit/sec for downloads and 400 kbit/sec for uploads. Such usage-based restrictions ultimately limit data transfer regardless of the rate at which a wireless radio in a user's device (e.g., a notebook) associates with wireless access point or the wireless protocols involved. In addition to fairness, such usage-based restrictions also ensure consistent experiences wherever this service is available - regardless of the technology implementations involved.

    Roaming, i.e., changing locations while remaining connected, is supported in a limited fashion. Typically, users can roam within a building. However, moving from one building to another may require users to re-authenticate to the Wireless service.


  • User's require wireless networking hardware to access this service. Specifically, the 802.11b protocol is supported wherever the service is available. Some areas include support for the 802.11g protocol, and even fewer for the 802.11a protocol. Support for the soon-to-be-ratified 802.11n protocol is anticipated to emerge in new buildings and renovated areas as well as high-usage areas (e.g., large lecture halls) in due course.

    Users are required to authenticate to Passport York prior to being granted access to the Wireless service


  • This service is available 24 hours/day, 7 days/week and 365 days/year.

    Broadly speaking, this service is ubiquitously available in all academically oriented areas at all Campus locations. For detailed coverage information consult AirYork Service Locations. Although wireless coverage may extend to outdoor locations (e.g., Campus Walk between the CSE Building and the Curtis Lecture Halls), such areas are not officially supported.

Service Levels/Goals

  • This service is regarded as one of convenience, not necessity. It is not provided with quality guarantees, and is not intended as a replacement for wired connectivity. Users requiring service assurances are advised to make use of wired-connectivity services. This service is targeted at providing basic wireless access for user’s laptops. As such, support for other devices (e.g., handheld smart phones) is provided on a best-effort basis.

    Please contact UIT Telecom Services at or ext 55800 (416-736-5800) for support.


  • There are no charges associated with this service.

How to request / access this service

  • Access to this service is self-provisioned via Passport York.



  • Please contact UIT Telecom Services at or ext 55800 (416-736-5800) for support.


  • Over-the-counter assistance from UIT Client Services is available. However, users who are already familiar with the use of wireless networking are well placed to make use of this service.

Online Help

Tips/Best Practices

  • Tips are available online at AirYork Self Help Tips.

    Additional tips/best practices are available as follows:

    • VPN usage on AirYork – The York University VPN service is not needed with AirYork. However, if the computing service that is being used requires VPN service, the York University VPN service can be used.
    • Airspace Policy – Guidelines for using the 2.4GHz and 5GHz radio spectrum at York University.

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