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Student Services Centre and Student Services Parking Garage

Student Services Parking Garage is the largest parking structure within the York University campus. It is wrapped architecturally by a new 118,000 square foot Student Services Building, which consists of three storeys plus a basement. The Student Services Centre will house all the 'front door' student services such as the registrar's offices, financial aid, course selection and career services.

Adjacent to the central zone of the campus and off the main ceremonial entrance, this facility accommodates 1,426 cars on six levels. It has been designed as the state-of-the-art garage. It uses an express-ramp design with digital car counts to ensure vacancy information is available to minimize customer frustration and ensure the turnover required by the estimated user loads. The structure serves users of the new and existing buildings in the area and visitors to the campus.

In recent years, York has become a leader in producing more environmentally friendly, or "green" buildings, and this one is no exception. Its design promotes the use of natural lighting and employs materials better equipped to retain natural heat than in the past, thus greatly reducing the cost usually associated with producing both.

The Parking structure is designed to be open and transparent to maximize air quality and maintain open visibility. The Student Services Centre utilized sustainable principles and will have plenum flooring design to distribute air and power and data raceways to ensure maximum flexibility of layout, ease future renovations and provide personal comfort in open concept office spaces.

The Facts

Construction Commencing   April 2002
Completion - Student Services Parking Garage   December 2003
Completion - Student Services Centre   February 2004
Student Services Centre Area   10,959 square metres
Student Services Parking Garage Parking Spaces   1369

Robbie Young + Wright
Hariri Pontarini


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