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Fire Wardens

Fire Warden List


  1. Be familiar with your assigned area, the occupants, exit facilities and the fire equipment. Know the location and operating features of the fire alarm pull station.
  2. Do a monthly inspection of all exit signs in your area and submit an inspection form to the University Fire Inspector should you notice any problems. During your regular daily activity, should you notice any fire door being blocked open, please remove the obstruction. If any hallways are being impeded and the problem remains there for some time please report this incident to the University Fire Inspector .
  3. Arrange a backup for your area when you are going to be away or on vacation.

Building Evacuation Procedures

  1. Upon discovery of a fire, evacuate the area and activate the nearest pull station which will start the building evacuation procedures. If you feel confident you may attempt to extinguish or isolate a small fire using one fire extinguisher. Do not attempt to contain a large fire. If you are unsure, do not attempt to deal with the fire. Remember to use the PASS System:
    • Pull the pin.
    • Aim the fire extinguisher.
    • Squeeze the handle.
    • Sweep across the fire.
  2. Assume control and remain calm.
  3. Alert, direct and provide assistance to occupants during the evacuation of the building.
  4. Maintain an orderly and controlled evacuation. If you are asked to relay a message to others, it is important that the message be relayed precisely as it is given to you. To prevent confusion, communicate only with those in the affected area for whom you are responsible. Give clear responses to questions and clear directions. If you don't have the answers to a question, say so. Don't speculate.
  5. When evacuating, close windows and doors where possible. Check rest areas and washrooms advising occupants of the emergency situation.
  6. Once outside the building, remain at a safe distance from the building. Do not re-enter under any circumstances until the building is declared safe again.

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