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Folding and Envelope Inserting Services

As a joint venture between the Printing Services and Mail Services, we are happy to provide the following services. All materials to be provided by the customer and must meet the specifications listed below. Materials to be sorted according to destinations.

Requests and enquires: Mail Services (55572)

Types of Service Price
ONE sheet folded and inserted in to an envelope $47.00 per 1000 pieces
TWO sheets folded and separately inserted into an envelope (Note, equipment is limited to two separate sheet insertions, as above, however up to 4 sheets pre-collated and stapled together can be manually fed into the machine as follows). $56.00 per 1000 pieces
Up to 4 sheets pre-collated & stapled and manually fed for folding and inserting into envelope. $65.00 per 1000 pieces
Additional "Inserts"  
One "Insert" of reply envelope or pre-folded flyer $49.00 per 1000 pieces

In the event that the submitted item(s) cannot be processed by machine, and requires manual labour, an hourly rate of $30.00/person (during normal business hours) will be applied.

Material Specifications

  • Sheet Size (for folding and insertion into an envelope)
    Min. sheet size 5" width x 5" length
    Max. sheet size 9" width x 16" length
  • Physical handling limitations
    Pre-finished "Insert" size: minimum 5" width x 3 1/4" length. Maximum 9" width x 6" length.
    Paper weight must be between 20 and 24 pounds
    Total Maximum compressed thickness of all items to be inserted is .078 inches or 2mm.
  • Envelope size
    Min. size 3 1/2" depth 8 3/4" width
    Max. size 6 1/2" depth 9 1/2" width
    Envelope weight must be between 17 and 24 pounds
    End clearance between inserted material and envelope must be 1/4" at each end (1/2" total) for the envelope to close properly.

Mailbox Rentals
The mailboxes are located on the first floor of the Curtis Lecture Hall. The fee is $11.77 per month and a $10 deposit is required.

Address Correction and Validation Service
Improve mailing efficiency but eliminating returned mail due to incorrect addressing. We can identify bad addresses and in some cases correct bad addresses before you mail, helping you to get your information where it needs to go. Cost is approximately $0.01 per address, maximum time required 4 days. Call Mailing Services for more details ext. 55572.


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