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Preparation Guidelines

To order to provide effective and efficient customer service

  • Prepare mail prior to pick up time
  • Envelopes should display the York University return address
  • Bundles with 10 or more pieces should be secured with an elastic band
  • Avoid using staples or paper clips
  • Our machines are capable of sealing #8 and #10 envelopes
  • To avoid damage during transportation keep the mail flat and do not over the bins
  • Under the regulations contained in the "Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act" we are not permitted to handle Dangerous Goods (defined as any substance that is explosive, toxic gases, oxidizing, infectious, radioactive, or corrosive). For more information visit Transport Canada.
  • To ensure prompt processing, notify Mail Services prior to the completion of a large mailing of over 500 pieces. Please sort according to destination (Internal (campus), IUTS, Domestic, International and USA) and stack uniformly facing the same direction.

Inter Campus Mail

  • Place in a brown or buff coloured envelope with the complete address (name, department and building)
  • Cross out all old addresses.
  • Sort large mailing by department and bundle with elastics
  • When utilizing address labels address should be clearly visible. Labels can be used to secure the fold. Staples or paperclips must never be used.

Domestic Mail

  • This service is meant for business mail, we will process personal mail with the appropriate postage
  • Clearly identify the return address and postal charge allocation number marked in the top left corner
  Specifications for Addressing Envelopes Standard Letter Size Template

USA and International Mail

  • Mail going out of the country falls under international rates and regulations (Canada Post Rates)
  • Customs documents should be completed by the sender:
    - under 1 kg. to USA and 2 kgs overseas use form CN22
    - over 1 kg to USA use form CN23
    - over 2 kg for all overseas, with no insurance use form C2/CP2
    - over 2 kg for all overseas, with insurance use form C2/CP2 V

Weight Limits

  • up to 30 kgs for USA destinations
  • up to 20 kgs for most overseas destinations

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