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Canadian Society for the History and Philosophy of Science

Société canadienne d'histoire et de philosophie des sciences

Drake Lecture

The Stillman Drake Lecture is a highlight of the annual meeting. We are beginning to compile a list of past Drake Lectures. Please send additions and corrections to Allan Olley:

A Partial List of Drake Lectures

The first three Lectures in this list were published:

  • William R. Shea (1993): "Galileo Galilei: An astronomer at work"
  • Michael Eckert (1998): "Sommerfeld and Heisenberg: A garden in which many flowers bloomed"
  • Eric L. Mills (1999): "De motu marium: Understanding the oceans before the second scientific revolution"
  • Simon Schaffer (2000)
  • Ursula Franklin (2001)
  • Ian Hacking (2002)

The following individuals seem to have given Lectures, but we have neither the titles nor the dates:

  • Trevor Levere
  • Polly Winsor
  • Michael Shea
  • Maggie Osler
  • John Farley
  • Elisabeth Lloyd (2007), "Locker room science and angry women: Reacting to The Case of the Female Orgasm and Bias in Science"
  • Michael Friedman (2008),  "Descartes and Galileo: Copernicanism and the Metaphysical Foundations of Physics"
  • Alison Wylie (2009): "Legacies of Collaboration: Transformative Criticism in Archaeology”
  • Evelyn Fox Keller (2010): "Climate Science, Truth, and Democracy"
  • Bernie Lightman (2011): “"Science and the Metaphysical Society: Defining Knowledge in the 1870's"
  • Andrew Hodges (2012): “What does Alan Turing tells us about the history of science?“ [Co-sponsored with CSHPM)
  • Anne Fausto-Sterling (2013): "From Babies to Gender Identity: How can we change the paradigm?”
  • Paul Israel (2014): “Learning to Innovate: Thomas Edison and Creation of the Electrical Industry”
  • Yves Gingras (2015): “The ‘Templeton Effect’ and the rise of the science and religion industry”
  • Kathleen Okruhlik (2016): "Values and Voluntarism Revisited"

Please send additions and corrections to Isaac Record:

Hooke, Robert, 1635-1703 / Micrographia: or some physiological descriptions of minute bodies made by magnifying glasses: with observations and inquiries thereupon (MDCLXVII [1667]) Observ. XXX. Of the seeds of poppy, pp. 154-155. Courtesy University of Wisconsin Libraries. CSHPS/SCHPS Logo



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