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About the Author

Dr. Cragg graduated from the  University of Alberta with an Honours B.A. and an M.A. In 1964 he won  a Rhodes Scholarship which took him to Oxford for three years of post  graduate work in philosophy. His  first appointment was to the Department of Philosophy at Laurentian  University and he has held appointments at the University of Western  Ontario (as Distinguished Visiting Professor) and at the Universite  Canadienne en France. In 1992, he was appointed the first Gardiner  Professor of Business Ethics at the Schulich School of Business with a  cross appointment to Philosophy, positions from which he retired in July. 2006 He is currently Professor Emeritas and Director of Business  Ethics Programs at Schulich.          

Dr.  Cragg has recently concluded a major interdisciplinary study entitled  "Ethics Codes: the regulatory norms of a globalized society?  The  project was funded by the Canadian Humanities and Social Sciences  Research Council along with public and private sector support. It  examined the effectiveness of codes and self regulation in  international business transactions with particular reference to labour  standards, environmental protection, human rights, corruption and money  laundering.       

Dr.  Cragg is currently Project Director for CBERN (the Canadian Business Ethics  Research Network) which is being built with support from York  University, the Social Science and Humanities Research Council as well  as private and public sector sponsors. He is also the recent recipient of  a Social Science and Humanities research grant which will fund a  national study of the role of ethics in guiding business engagement  with the healthcare system in Canada.          

Dr.  Cragg has published widely in Canadian and international journals on  topics in business ethics, corporate citizenship, bribery and  corruption, occupational ethics, moral education, applied ethics,  moral, political and social philosophy, and philosophy of law. He is  the author of several books including Contemporary Moral Issues published by McGraw ,and Ethics Codes, Globalization and the Challenge of Self Regulation.       

Dr. Cragg is the Founding Chair and President of Transparency International-Canada and is an on-going member of the Export  Development Canada (EDC) Advisory Council on Social Responsibility. He has served as an external member of the Audit, Assurance and Ethics  Committee of Public Works and Government Services Canada (2005-2006) and as a member of the Nuclear Waste Management Organization s Ethics  Round Table (2004-2006).

Dr. Cragg is recently retired as Corporate Governance Editor of The Journal of Business Ethics and is currently a member of the editorial boards of The Journal of Business Ethics, Business Ethics Quarterly, and Interchange.  He is a former President of the Canadian Philosophical Association and  a former President of the John Howard Society of Canada. He was for  several years a member of the International Executive Committee of the  International Society for Philosophy of Law. He is currently a member  of the Board and the Executive Committee of the York Centre for Practical Ethics, the Board of the John Howard Society of Ontario and a member of a number of scholarly societies and academic associations.


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