2014 Call for Papers: Français / English

May 21 - 23, 2014, University of Sudbury, Sudbury ON

The theme of this year's joint conference of the Canadian Folklore Studies Association (FSAC/ACEF) and the Canadian Society for Traditional Music (CSTM/SCTM) pulls together a number of threads. The University of Sudbury, which is wrapping up its centennial year celebrations, has always used its bilingual and tricultural mandate to encourage dialogue between Francophone, Anglophone and First Nation communities. As well, this year's Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences asks people to reflect on Borders without Boundaries. Performance, which is a key element in both folklore and music, is the means through which cultural experiences are translated and boundaries are crossed. It is a mediated event through which groups decide how and what they will communicate to people inside and outside their own communities. In this joint conference, we invite papers exploring all aspects of performance, be it through music, dance, festivals or other cultural events.
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All applicants must email their abstracts to Marcel Bénéteau (mbéné no later than Feburary 28, 2014.

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