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Updated March 28, 2004
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Fiddle and feet. Yes, a lone fiddle of old style Québecois fiddling accompanied
only by the fiddler's feet.
Contents: Celina Reel; La Grande Gigue Simple; La Cardeuse et Le Grand Triomphe;
Deux Reels de Joseph Allard; Reel des Petits Poissons Lac Kenogami; Reel du Pendu;
Le Batteux; Brandy Reel; La Gallope du Lac St.-Jean; Reel d'Odile; La Disputeuse;
Le Reel à Neuf; Le Reel à Philibert; La Jartière. Liner notes in French and English.
Compact Disc
IM008D - $ 23.00

A lovely instrumental collection of mainly traditional Irish tunes featuring the flute.
Contents: The Ethnomusicologist/ Erin's Housesitting; The Rainy Day/ Erin's
Kitchen/ The Coast of Austria; Far Away; Kahir's Kitchen; The Northern Lassies/
Josie McDermott's/ Gan Ainm; Peter Lee's Jig/ Bedspread; Ruby's Glass House;
The Drunken Sailor; Ronde de Loudéac/ Monaghan Twig/ New Ivy Leaf; For
What It Is/ The Seven Day Wait; Cape Clear.

Reviewed in the Bulletin, Vol. 32, No. 1 (March 1998)
Compact Disc
IM004D - $ 18.00

An interesting collection of instrumentals composed for synthesizer, drums, bouzouki,
woodwinds, and others.
Contents: Orient Express; Asia Minor; Zeybek; Black Sea Fantasy; Crosstalk;
Yanna; Trabzon Revisited; Offset; The Sabres of Paradise.

Reviewed in the Bulletin, Vol. 30, No. 3 (Sept. 1996)
Cassette Compact Disc
IM006C - $ 15.00 IM006D - $ 20.00

A great collection of tunes from this Cape Breton multi-instrumentalist.
Contents: The Haggis/ Caber Feidth; Cowie's Clog/ Winston Tune; Jerry
Sullivan's Strathspey/ Tammy Sullivan's Reel; Flannigan's Favourite/ Ole
French Reel/ Kelly's Reel; Slow Air/ Moving Cloud; Horseshoe Reel/ Winter
Carnival Reel/ Pigeon On the Gate; Hilda Chiasson-Cormier's Reel/
Temperance Reel; Shetland Hornpipe/ The E-Flat Tune; Holland Wedding Reel/
Stool Of Repentance/ Sleepy Maggie; Niel Gow's Lament For Dr. Moray
Of Abernathy/ Niel Gow March/ Slieveman's Clog; Highland Dream; Reel
Made With Hilda/ Miss Watson's/ Return To the Cape.

Cassette Compact Disc
IM002C - $ 15.00 IM002D - $ 23.00

J. P. plays fiddle, banjo, guitar, mandolin, (and that's not all) on a wide variety
of traditional and original lively toe-tapping tunes. Contents: Alan's Set; Martin's Set;
Kenny Baker Lives!; Christie Married A Frenchman; Fleetwood MacInnis; Aren't
We Feeling 'Jiggy' Today; Paps Goes the Weasel; Rawhide; Me & Gelas; Scotty
Meets Rene; My Bach Is Worse Than My Bite; Tulloch Gorum; May I Have
This Dance?; Here's To You, Scotty!; The B Minor Set; Banjomusk.

Cassette Compact Disc
IM003C - $ 15.00 IM003D - $ 23.00

Mostly original fiddle tunes performed with a modern feel (acoustic and electric bass,
and drums/ percussion)…however the mood can shift from swing through to a more
traditional style. A great introduction to this fiddler.
Contents: Motion Potion; Jinkers; Jassy Tune; Aaron's Waltz; Dirty Linen; Vive La
Boheme; Reels: Jim Hodders/ Cooley's; Portuguese Waltzes; Get Out; Meech Lake
Breakdown/ Clyde Well's Dream; D-O-G; The Moon's Behind.

Cassette Compact Disc
IM024C - $ 13.00 IM024D - $ 21.00

Bob has turned his hand(s) to original solo fingerstyle guitar. Some of the tracks have been
crafted by others but Bob's interpretation of the tunes is his own and provides an enjoyable
easy-listening set.
Contents: Courage Of the Morning; Caffeinated Coffee; Stop Me (If You've Heard This
One Before); Megan and the Wascana Cyclone; Cleveland Hills; On the Tip Of the
Tongue; Ticket To Ride; Bean Time; Rockport Sunday; That Infernal Optimist;
River Song; Stallion In the Sunset.

Compact Disc
IM032D - $ 18.00


Traditional northern fiddling with piano accompaniment. Frank Ferrel is best known
for his Celtic-influenced music of New England and the Maritimes.
Contents: Tom MacCormack's/ Capers Jigs; Carignan's Medley (Danse de la
Victoire/ Cultivator's Reel/ Gatineau Reel); Redwing/ Walker Street; Highland
Medley (Trip To Mabou Ridge/ MacDonald's March/ Maid In a Box/ Millbrae);
Port Townsend Jig/ Salmon Boat Reel; The Jaunting Car/ The Leaves Of Spring;
The Gaudette Polka; B Flat Medley (Sir Wilfrid Laurier's March/ The Newcastle
Clog/ DoubleClog); Free and Easy Medley (Clog/ Golden Eagle Hornpipe/
Free and Easy); Judique Jigs; The Resting Chair/ The Blarney Pilgrim.

IM035C - $ 13.00

Ann plays pipes for the group Seanachie. Here, on her first solo album is a
selection of original and traditional tunes for the Highland, smallpipes and whistle.
Other accompaniment includes bodhran and guitar.
Contents: "& the Drunken Landlady"; March, Strathspey & Reel; Hornpipes
On Shuttle Pipes; Park Piobaireachd # 2 (Ground Only); Slow Air & Hornpipe;
2/4 Marches By John MacColl; The Cape Breton Set; Slow Air, 9/8 March,
6/8 March; Jigs On "D" Smallpipes; The Seven Rebels' Set; Gordon
McCulloch's Set; Strathspeys and Reels; A Twist In the Tale.
Compact Disc
IM014D - $ 19.00

Ah, the crisp, clear sound of the pipes wafting over frosty fields well, it's nice to
dream as Ann presents another fine selection of tunes, along with Gordon and
Jackie (of Seanachie) helping out for two vocals.
Contents: Starcraft & Spirits; Senor Celtic y el Grupo; Strathspeys & Reels;
Neil Gow's Lament For the Death Of His Second Wife; The 93rd At Modder River/
PM John Stewart; Lament For Ronald MacDonald Of Morar/ South In Autumn;
The Tea Set; Sailing Solo On the Minnow; The Mermaid's Song; T. Allen Doe/
Robyn Emily Gray; The Broadview Set; Cha Till MacCriomain;
Shouting At Magpies.

Compact Disc
IM015D - $ 19.00

Lovely arrangements of traditional and original songs performed on the hammered
dulcimer, solo or with harp, guitar flute, keyboards as accompaniment.
Contents: The Fordwich Jig; The Log Driver's Waltz; The Tailor's Dance;
Blind Mary; Lady Athenry; The Londonderry Air; The Wilderness Lament;
Jesu Joy Of Man's Desiring; The Rabbit's Real; Greensleeves; The Merry
Sherwood Rangers/ The Poor Old Woman; The Sally Gardens; Ave Maria;
The Horses's Bransle.

Compact Disc
IM010D - $ 18.00

A bouncy collection of new instrumental music - inspired by the land and influenced
by the diverse cultures within it. Performed on the hammered dulcimer with various
instrumental accompaniments.
Contents: St. Jacob's Ramble/ The Road to Listowel; Heather's Waltz; French
River Flight; The Swirling Snow; Tony's Dream/ Dancing With Sunlight; Spirit
Of the Land; Over the Garden Wall; Walking Stick; Maitland River Hornpipe/
Mosquito On the Iceberg; Conestogo Waltz.

Compact Disc
IM011D - $ 18.00

An extremely pleasant mix of traditional and contemporary tunes. Roy deserves
to be heard further afield than his home province of P.E.I.
Contents: Slieve Russel/ Mist On the Mountain/ Old Hag At the Church;
Bobby Casey's/ St. Patrice; Master Crowley's / Sean Sa Ceo; Niel Gow's
Lament For His Second Wife; Flatbush Waltz/ Soren's Waltz; Haughs Of
Cromdale/ Johnny Wilmot's Fiddle/ Kennedy's Ree/ Anderson's Reel;
Bovaglie's Plaid; Poetic Milkman/ Langstrom's Pony; Ashokan Farewell;
Frieze Britches/ Tom Billy's; John MacColl's Favorite/ Burning Of the
Piper's Hut/ Jenny's Chickens.

Cassette Compact Disc
IM016C - $ 14.00 IM016D - $ 22.00

Roy stretches his imagination and playing with these traditional, contemporary
and original tunes.
Contents: Lament For a Sister/ Caravan/ Dervish Dance; Battle Of Kinloch
Locky/ On the Road To Kerrigouarch/ Tommy's Tarbuklas; Last Waltz In This
House/ The Storm; Devil's Jig; The Pearl; Marcus Hernan's Air; Joy To Caesar;
Sarahnade/ St. Vitus Dance; John McColl's Favourite/ Burning Of the
Piper's Hut/ Jenny's Chickens.

Cassette Compact Disc
IM017C - $ 14.00 IM017D - $ 22.00

Mostly older tunes from the Canadian midwest of which many are documented
in the notes. Recorded in the 70's this is a reissue of an LP along with more recent
selections. Accompaniment is piano, bass, guitar and tenor banjo.
Contents: Vivian's Polka; Webb's Hornpipe; Davy McDonald's Jig; George
Neddery's Clog; Grant Lamb's Breakdown; Flatiron Jig; Gerrald's Favorite;
Wilfred Hately's Waltz; Bruce Lamb's Jig; Darkie's Dream; Mountain Hornpipe;
Bagot Two-Step; Phil's Clog; Durang's Hornpipe; Dry River Waltz; Johnny's Jig;
Opera Reel; Elsmith Four Step; Turkey In the Straw; French Minuet; Little
Black Hen; Jack Cross Two Step; The Tarr Waltz; Rock Valley Jig; Three
Legged Milk Stool; Waltz Quadrille; Reel In A; Bob Leader's Waltz;
Norwegian Waltz; Atkins Polka No. 4.

Compact Disc
IM038D - $ 23.00

To stand in a northern landscape is to stand in the middle of a photograph - not
a sound, not a whisper, not a movement. If there was only music, the imagination
of Gérald would provide a suitable "soundtrack". He plays harmonicas, Indian mouth
bow, penny whistles, and mouth percussion among others.
(This is not a 'sounds of nature' recording).
Contents: The Hunter; Automne Pour Florence; Northern Lights; The Wizard;
Coteau Crevé; Indian Summer; Cabin Fever; Last One To Leave Please Turn
Out the Lights; Lullaby For a Dragonfly.
Liner notes in English and French.
Compact Disc
IM021D - $ 23.00

The energy that Kendra puts into her live performances comes through on this
selection of new and traditional fiddle tunes. Great accompaniment by Troy,
her brother, on piano and Dave MacIsaac, guitar.
Contents: Light & Airy/ Archie Menzies/ Fisher's Hornpipe; Miss Elspeth
Campbell/ Miss Drummond Of Perth/ Pride Of the Ball/ Ariel Hornpipe;
Jackson's Fancy/ The Bridal Jig/ The Rights Of Man/ Mrs. Brown Of
Linkwood; Starlight Waltz; Miss Hutton/ Miss E. Elder/ Napoleon/
Clear the Track; Hughie #11/ Jack Dunc/ Jimmie Angus John; Dr. Keith
Of Aberdeen/ Carnie's Canter/ Glen's Hornpipe/ Fire Away/ The Rocket;
Favourite Polkas; Niel Gow's Lamentation For James Moray Of Abercairny;
The Miller Of O'Hirn/ Craigellachie Bridge/ Spey and Spate/ Perthshire
Hunt/ Miss Elder/ Tarbolton Lodge; Polka No. 3/ Honeymoon Polka/
Crooked Stovepipe; Bee's Wing/ High Level Hornpipe/ Manhattan; Lord
Seaforth/ Braes Of Tullymet/ Paddy On the Turnpike/ The Long Necked
Fiddle/ The Flagon/ The Cutty Sark.

Cassette Compact Disc
IM023C - $ 13.00 IM023D - $ 21.00


Jazz, blues, rock, Celtic - this is the recipe for Guitar Souls. Along with bass,
and drums these electric guitar tracks improvise their way through a variety of
blues tunes (with one vocal track) likely honouring Albert King, or John Mayall
to the precision timing of jigs and reels.
Contents: Country Crunch; Sad Night Owl; Hydrostone Rock; Lament For
Albert King; Jigs: Rocks In My Tea/ Curly Haired Mule/ Keji Clay/ Reg the
Red/ Lisa's Jig; Cluny Castle March/ Athole Brose Strathspey/ General Stewart
Reel/ Jenny Dang the Weaver/ The Randy Wife Of Greenlaw; Halifax Shuffle;
Mayall Bag; All Blues; The Stumble; Blue Bag; Hometown Polka.

Compact Disc
IM039D - $ 19.00

A lovely mellow instrumental collection featuring Will (Irish Rovers) Millar on whistle.
Contents: The Women of Ireland:Rosheen Dubh/ The Women Of Ireland/
Star Of the County Dovn/ Suzie Haguire.
Bird of Peace: Where the Moorcock Crows/ Ar Eirinn.
Spirit of Place:
The Banks of Claudy/ Curragh Of Kildare/
Limerick Is Beautiful/ Spancial Hill.
Haunted Kenban: Blue Hills Of Antrim/ Lady McQuillians Lament/
The Longships Of Dunluce
A Terrible Beauty:
Boolavogue/ The Foggy Dew/ Valley Of Knockanure.
Seascapes & Safe Harbours
: Clifs Of Duneen/ Carnlough Bay/ Mingulay
Boat Song/ Tyree Love Lilt.
Summer in the Glens: Summer Has Come/ Hills Of Donegal/ She Moved
Thru The Fair/ Buachaill O'n Eirne
Atlantic Crossings:
The Parting Glass/ Holy Ground/ Farewell Shamrock Shore.
Reviewed in the Bulletin, Vol. 31, No. 3/4 (Sept./Dec. 1997)
Compact Disc
IM001D - $ 21.00


Two banjos and a guitar in various combinations; the odd song; some
original tunes but mostly old-time versions of fiddle - guitar - banjo music.
The sparsity of the accompaniment is a good part of the appeal of these
finger-pickin', clawhammerin' players.
Contents: Winfield's Fancy; Don Valley Ramble; Elkhorn Ridge; Bloody
Red River; The Blackest Crow; Darlin' Nelly Gray; Fretless; Country
Blues; The Skinny Guy's Gotta Eat; Trip To Restoule; Sally Ann Johnson;
Sam's Dream; John Henry; Walkin' the Dog; Ducks On the Pond;
John Hardy; Quince Dillon's High D; Mind the Gap.

Compact Disc
IM036D - $ 19.00


Joe's style draws from many sources including "…dance tunes, Western Canada,
early jazz, classical, bluegrass.. but is basically a dance-oriented Canadian style".
Selections here are from three of Joe's records. Nice easy-listening with
enjoyable accompaniment.
Contents: Barbara's Waltz; St. Adele's Reel; Celina le Blanc; Butterfly Waltz;
Rippling Water Jig; Cabri Waltz; Pembrooke Reel; Danny Flannigan's Clog;
Silver Wedding Waltz; Grandfather's Reel; Burgundy Waltz; Walking Plow;
Dreamers Waltz; Turkey In the Cottonwoods; Carrick Jig; Fairy Waltz;
Tulsa; Westerner's Waltz; Red River Cart Polka; Johnny Nelson's Favorite;
Blue Vale Waltz; St. John's Hoedown; Quilting Bee Jig; Contessa Waltz;
Original Canadian Hoedown; Marion's Waltz; Twinkletoe Polka;
Woodchopper's Reel; Desire Waltz; Alfie's Hornpipe; Yours and Mine Waltz;
Globetrotter's Jig; Early In the Evening; Rye Valley Waltz; Hell Before
Breakfast; Vivian's Waltz.
Reviewed in the Bulletin, Vol. 32, No. 1 (March 1998)
Compact Disc
IM007D - $ 23.00

Delightful fiddle tunes from a variety of sources including Joe. Accompanied by piano,
bass, and guitar.
Contents: Burgundy Waltz; Pembrooke Reel; Fairy Waltz; Hotdog Hornpipe;
Dreamers Waltz; Red River Cart Polka; Light Opera Reel; Butterfly Waltz;
Danny Flannigan's Clog; Barbara's Waltz; Quilting Bee Jig; Grandfather's Reel;
Contessa Waltz; Johnny Hamlin's Breakdown; Leopold Hornpipe; Desire Waltz;
Twinkletoe Polka; Brown Eyes Hornpipe; Long Braids & Blue Jeans;
Carrick Jig; Rye Valley Waltz; Hell Before Breakfast.

IM028C - $ 13.00

Here is an extensive selection of Joe's own tunes for fiddle with accompaniment
by guitar and piano.
Contents: Summer Night Jig; Horner's Hornpipe; De Vore Waltz; Centrum Reel;
Trading Post Schottische; Fraser Valley Hornpipe; Copy Cat Jig; Bells Of
Christiania; Salmon River Clog; Birthday Reel; Early Spring Waltz; Ferguson's
Fancy; April Fool Hornpipe; Rebecca's Waltz; Bach Country Reel; Devils In the
Whirlwind; Home Among the Roses; Jig Saw Hornpipe; Early Bird Jig;
Convention Reel; White Spot Clog; Glad Och God Valsen; River Rafters Reel;
Shaunavon Hornpipe; Waltzing In My Dreams; Bicycle Schottische; 10 AM
Hoedown; Elegant Waltz; Bull Frog Jump; Banjo Hornpipe;Valdres Waltz.

IM029C - $ 13.00

This is a re-release of two vinyl albums on cassette - The Fiddling Engineer (1972)
and The Fiddling Moods Of Joe Pancerzewski (1980). The tunes are from a variety
of sources but credit is given to the writers on the insert card.
Contents: St. Adele's Reel; Cabri Waltz; Turkey In the Cottonwoods; Walking Plow;
Celina le Blanc; Tulsa; Westerner's Waltz; Cotton Eyed Joe; Rippling Water Jig;
Johnny Nelson's Favorite; Original Canadian Hoedown; Woodchopper's Reel;
Silver Wedding Waltz; Cape Blomedon Reel; Early In the Evening; Globetrotter's Jig;
St. John's Hoedown; Vivian's Waltz; Amateur Hornpipe; Alfie's Hornpipe; Ozark
Moon Waltz; The Useless Reel; Early Bird Jig; Marion's Waltz; Shinplaster Polka;
Rounders Reel; Canadian Centennial Waltz; Lewie Lloyd's Clog; Sour Grapes;
Daly's Reel; Blue Vale Waltz; Curley Creek Reel; Les Diables Schottische; Niagara
Hornpipe; To An Old Rose; Scrambled Eggs; Peter's Christmas Jig; Yours and Mine Waltz.

IM030C - $ 13.00

Influenced by Don Messer, Gerry plays a great selection of tunes with piano
and bass accompaniment.
Contents: Slope Road Jig; Golden Wedding Reel; Mother's Day Waltz; Sandra's Jig;
Ottawa Valley Reel; Uncle Louie's Clog; Don Tremaine's Jig; Grand Valley Waltz;
Rocket Richard's Reel; Prince County Jig; Centennial Waltz; Dickie Rogers;
Peace River Jig; Daffodil Waltz; David's Jig; Twin Sisters.

IM009C - $ 13.00

Fine fiddling by a champion fiddler featuring a variety of 'sets' of music from
various locations. Recorded live during a concert tour.
Contents: Trans Canada; A Scottish Tribute; The Sally Sisters; The New
Canadian Waltz; The Leading Role; Reel du Pendu; Northern Ontario Set;
Set In Ireland; East Coast Set; Cape Breton Dream; En Plein Hiver; >From
George To Jenny; Timmins' Encore.

Cassette Compact Disc
IM005C - $ 15.00 IM005D - $ 20.00

What a marvellous combination - Pierre on fiddle and Dermot on accordion, with
help when needed. This long distance musical alliance between Canada and Ireland
bounces merrily along with skill and dexterity from these accomplished musicians.
Contents: Kimmel's Fancy; Pigeon On the Gate; Lady Montgomery; Sourgrass and
Granite; The Low Level Hornpipe; Farewell To Whiskey; Tiarna Mhuigheo;
J. D.'s Jigs; Pointe au Pic; To Dermot From Pierre; Ril Gan Ainm; Moving Cloud.

Compact Disc
IM012D - $ 21.00

Eleven musicians and seventeen acoustic instruments, but… not all at once.
Lovely combinations for each of these toe-tapping instrumentals frequently heard
at "weekend pub sessions, folk nights and dance-ups" - flute and fiddle in the
foreground with strong bodhran. Check the tray card for the origin of the group's name.
Contents: Maid Behind the Bar/ Jim Hodder's Reel; Paddy In London/ Geese In
the Bog/ Newfoundland Spring; Flowers Of Edinburgh/ Little Beggarman; Boys
>From Ballosidare/ Clumsy Lover; All Around Aunt Ruby's Garden/ Mac Masters'
Tune/ Paddy's Jig; Out Behind the House; Up the Southern Shore; King Of the
Fairies/ Rolling In the Rye Grass; Denis Murphy's Polka/ £42 Cheque/ John Ryan's
Polka; Father O'Flynn/ Toss the Feathers; The Sandpit; The Lark's March; Tell Me
Ma/ Leslie's March/ Good MorningTo Your Night Cap; Flowers Of Red Hill; The Banshee.

Cassette Compact Disc
IM033C - $ 12.00 IM033D - $ 20.00

Strict tempo tunes for Irish dancing led by fiddle or accordion. Featuring
Fiona Coll on fiddle accompanied by accordion, bodhran, guitars, bass, piano,
and viola. Individual tunes within the medleys are not credited but are traditional
except for two original tunes in Reels a go-go.
Contents: Reels A Go-Go; More Reels; Slip Jigs; Treble Jigs; Hornpipes; Light Jigs;
Beginner Treble Jigs; Beginner Hornpipes; St. Patrick's Day; The Blackbird; Garden
Of Daisies; Job Of Journeywork.

Compact Disc
IM025D - $ 18.00

A fine collection of the many fiddlers and styles from the East Coast. Enjoy the
selections credited to the original albums by the artists involved.
Contents: Richard Wood: Olde Dublin Jig/ Crabbit Shona Jig/ Janie's Reel;
Howie MacDonald: Irish Reel/ John Howat's;
Wendy MacIsaac: Two Polkas and a Reel;
Natalie MacMaster: The Girls At Martinfield/ Bennett's Favourite/
The Green Fields Of Glentown;
Kendra MacGillivray: Starlight Waltz;
Christina Smith: The Banks of Newfoundland;
Dave MacIsaac: Donald John the Tailor;
J.P.Cormier: Paps Goes the Weasel;
Barra MacNeils: High Bass Tunes;
Ashley MacIsaac: King George IV/ King George V/ The Old's King's Reel/
The King's Reel/
Traditional Reel;
Glen Graham/ Rodney MacDonald: Traditionally Rockin';
Rufus Guinchard: Four Tune Turn;
Emile Benoit: La Reel de la Pistroli/ Arriving To St. John's;
Jennifer Roland: Traditional Medley;
Ivan Hicks: La Valse a Ste. Cecile;
Winnie Chafe: The Gifts; Kelly Russell & The Planks: Suzanna Perry.
Cassette Compact Disc
IM022C - $ 14.00 IM022D - $ 23.00

Beautiful, clear, ringing notes from the harp, occasionally augmented with percussion,
fiddle, and voice, (vocal on one selection). Contents: Blue Heron's Flight; Willow; Oisin:
The White Horses/ The Fianna; Drifting; Faerie Thyme; The Legend Of Knockgrafton;
Sheebeg & Sheemor; A Jig For the Autumn Wind; The Selkie's Dream; The Rights Of
Man; Brighid's Dance; Loch Lomond.
Compact Disc
IM013D - $ 20.00

Well-known in Newfoundland for her accordion playing, Minnie presents a
collection of traditional and original tunes, with easy-listening accompaniment.
Contents: Rambling Jig; Waltz To the Hills Of Home; Coastal Memories;
Irish Jig/ Viking Jig; Sammy's Hornpipe; My Mother Won't Let Me Marry;
Polly's Jig/ French Reel; Southern Sounds; Rock the Baby; Dance With the
Girl With the Red Dress On; Valley Echoes; Fiddler's Jig; Green Grow the
Rushes-O; Irish Breakdown; Johnny Mac's Jig; Rock Island Waltz; MicMac
Square Dance Tunes; Fisherman's Reel; Larry O'Gaff; Cooper's Hornpipe;
Blue Skirt Waltz; Pushthrough Jig.

Reviewed in the Bulletin, Vol. 29, No. 2 (June 1995)
Cassette Compact Disc
IM034C - $ 12.00 IM034D - $ 20.00

Jigs, reels, and strathspeys each blending breathlessly and effortlessly
from one to another. A great collection of traditional and contemporary tunes.
Contents: Trip To the Doryman/ Jigs/ Two Name Jig; The Bell Piano/ Dusky
Meadow/ Reels/ Contradiction; The Celtic Touch; Jigs/ Fill Up the Set/
Johnny's Favourite; Plains Of Boyle/ Pipe Reel/ Newbury Reel/ Wolftrap Reel;
Struan Robertson's Rant/ Charlie Hardie/ As Athaiseach/ Travelling West/
The Twister; Fisherman's/ Schoonmakers/ Callers; Mem. Of Dot MacKinnon;
Clog/ Democratic Rage/ Juniata/ Scottish Strings; Dainty Davie/ Strathspey/
Reel/ Alex (Sandy) F. Skinner; Our Highland Queen/ Cape Tormentine/
My Brother's Letter/ Crow Bush; Paresis/ The Night We Had the Goat/
Irish Reel/ Celtic Rhapsody.

Reviewed in the Bulletin, Vol. 30, No. 2 (June 1996)
Compact Disc
IM018D - $ 22.00

Strong fiddling and accompaniment, or gentle and mellow. Richard can shift gears
to the mood of these traditional and original toe-tapping tunes and make one want
to go and dance with him.
Contents: Come Dance With Me (Julie Delaney); Scottish March/ Ormond Castle/
Ann McNamara/ "A" Minor/ The Cambridge Reel/ Irish Reel; Gremlin/ Dedicato
A Vares/ Antigonish Polka; Tranquility; Canty Jeanie Munroe/ Miss Lexie Smith/
Eugene Stratton/ Isle Of Skye/ Saratoga Hornpipe; Too Many Notes/ Dumbarton
Castle/ The Expedience/ The Emerald Isle; "G" Reel/ Four AM/ The Sky Lark;
Poinsettia/ Galway Hornpipe/ The Sweeps Hornpipe/ Boys Of the Lough/ Jock
Wilson's Ball/ "A" Reel/ Hill Of Tara; Maureen Ennis; Tune in "G"/ Colonel
McBain/ Morpeth Rant/ Tune in "A"; Gloomy Winter.

Compact Disc
IM020D - $ 22.00

Another fine mixture of traditional and original tunes. "For those of us who love
and live the music, the time has come to lift the barriers and acknowledge that
the fiddle is now a universal instrument."
Contents: Nine Point Coggie/ Bonnie Kate/ Trad Irish Reel; Olde Dublin Jig/
Crabbit Shona Jig/ Janie's Reel; My Tune For Darla; My Ain Kind Dearie/
Tommy's Tarbukas/ Early Dawn/ Stephine Wills; Fire Dance; Hiawatha/
Jimmy Linn's/ College Hornpipe/ Arthur Seat; Cape Wrath/ Ceilidh At
Clickamon/ Flying At Finhorn; Kimura; Fiddle Fever; Cameron Chisloms.

Compact Disc
IM019D - $ 22.00

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