Traditional Music of Newfoundland and Labrador
Updated March 28, 2004
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This is an outstanding album by one of Newfoundland's favourite and best known
fiddlers and performers. He has a unique playing style and having been a prolific
writer/composer, has contributed much to the wealth of East Coast music. His
influence can certainly be heard wherever traditional music is played in Newfoundland.
Apart from his own fine performances, his support cast in this collection includes many
of Newfoundland's finest contemporary musicians, including Pamela Morgan, Noel
Dinn, and Kelly Russell.
CONTENTS: Christina's Dream/ Tootsie Wootsie; Neil Murray's
Dinner Jig/ Go To the Cape Uncle Joe/ Forgotten Note; Noel Dinn/ Pamela's
Lonely Nights; Vive La Rose; Waltz In the House; The Land We're Walking On;
Skipper & Company/ On the Road Again/ Claudine; Festival Reel/ Jeff's Tune/
Meech Lake Breakdown/ McCormack's Breakdown; Sally's Waltz/ Wedding Waltz;
Fight For Your Rights; Jerry's Red Mountain Jig/ Le Papier 'Le Gaboteur'; Lady
Margaret; Brother's Farewell/ Caribou Skin Nailed Around the Circle/ Wayne
and the Bear.

Cassette Compact Disc
TN029C - $ 14.00 TN029D - $ 22.00

A cappella stylings of some of Anita's favourite songs just as she learned them - more
or less - in the oral tradition. CONTENTS: Lord Bateman; Tobacco; Blanche comme la
neige; The Soup Supper in Clattice Harbour; Dríharín Ó Mo Croí; The Water
Witch; Le jeune millitaire; Hush-o-bye Baby; Me Old Ragadoo; The Liverpool Pilot;
The Spanish Captain; Gull Cove.

Compact Disc
TN041D - $ 20.00

A collection of new songs written in traditional style and performed by well-known
Newfoundland artists. There is some very biting commentary on social issues.
CONTENTS: West Moon; Pad's Song; The Silver Dove; The Government Game;
The Rocks Of Merasheen; The Evette- Langara Special; Towards the Sunset;
Rubber Boots; The Seagulls Still Follow On Freedom; Woman Of the Sea Man;
High Degree; The Land God Gave To Cain.
TN004C - $ 12.00

Maritime bluegrass. Both styles complement each other nicely whether songs or instrumentals.
CONTENTS: I's the Boy & All That; Park Avenue Swing; Prison Dance; Labrador Rose;
Dark Hollow; Farewell Cindy; Uncle Tom; The Star Of Logy Bay; Sweet Sunny South;
Tiny Red Light; I'll Sail My Ship Alone; Matthew XXIV; Crooked Stovepipe.
Cassette Compact Disc
TN034C - $ 14.00 TN034D - $ 22.00

What a beat! The Fables are D'Arcy Broderick, Glenn Simmons, Billy Sutton, Clyde
Wiseman and Dave Fitzpatrick. Their original songs and many traditional selections have
a solid Celtic/ Newfoundland sound. If there wasn't this sound previously - it's here now!
CONTENTS: Lazy Tom; The Old Woman From Wexford/ Mulvhills/ The Dawn; Fish Out
Of Water; The Rose In the Heather/ Julia Delaney; Sam Hall; Tear the House Down;
Dancin' Round the Kitchen; Cock Of the North/ Morrison's Jig/ Drowsy Maggie; Frog
In the Well; Peter Street; Spanish Lady; Joe Fitzpatrick's Reel; Heave Away; Lilly.
Lyrics enclosed.
Cassette Compact Disc
TN035C - $ 14.00 TN035D - $ 23.00

Although these are original songs by Pamela Morgan and Noel Dinn, this is Noel's last
major work with the group. Lead vocals by Pamela and there's quite a contemporary,
haunting feel to this music.
CONTENTS: Freedom; Sweet Temptation; Allanadh; Song For
Paul; True Or False; Children Of the Night; Crown Of Thorns; Pirates Of Pleasure;
Twilight; Downstream
Lyrics enclosed
Compact Disc
TN040D - $ 20.00

A selection from 18 years of work by this fine Newfoundland group. Includes two
previously unreleased tracks.
CONTENTS: Henry Martin; Emile's Reels; A Sailor
Courted a Farmer's Daughter; Woman Of Labrador; Breakwater Boys
Breakdown; True Or False; Weather Out the Storm; Captain and His Whiskers/
Fishermen's Favourite; Tarry Trousers; Rumbolt; Thomas and Nancy; Snowy
Night; 4-Stop Jigs; The Fisher Who Died In His Bed; Geese In the Bog; Allanadh;
Freedom; Downstream; Aunty Mary/ Brothers Jig.

Cassette Compact Disc
TN037C - $ 13.00 TN037D - $ 20.00

Great interpretations of traditional songs by this fine Newfoundland group who describe
themselves as a folk-rock band. Here, they combine the old with the new.
Contents: Honour, Riches/ Breakwater Boys Breakdown; Heel and Toe Polka/ Paddy's Jig;
A Sailor Courted A Farmer's Daughter; The Darby Ram; Auntie Mary/ Brother's
Jig; The Gypsy; The Ten Commandments; Lake St. John Reel/ The Blackthorn Stick;
Dans la Prison de Londres; Thomas and Nancy; Jim Rumbolt's Tune.

Cassette Compact Disc
TN006C - $ 15.00 TN006D - $ 22.00

This is the second album by this popular group of performers from Newfoundland.
It contains a fine mix of songs, reels and jigs.
Contents: Half Door/ Larry's Lancer/ Mother On the Doorstep; Rabbits In A Basket;
Now I'm 64; The Greenland Disaster; Tinker Behind the Door; Fisher Who Died In
His Bed; 4-Stop Jigs; Quand J'etais Fille a l'age quinze ans; Kissing Dance Medley;
Rosy Banks Of Green; Geese In the Bog; Matt Eiley; Emile's Reels
Cassette Compact Disc
TN026C - $ 15.00 TN026D - $ 22.00

Rufus Guinchard, well-known master fiddler from Newfoundland, died one day
after his 91st birthday. He had a remarkable repertoire and learned many tunes
from older musicians in the area when he was still a boy. This album was made
a little at a time over the span of a year when Rufus would travel from his home
on the north shore of Newfoundland to St. John's.
CONTENTS: Lizzie's Jig; Jackson's Fancy; Stan Rogers; Sam's Jig; River Of
Ponds; Country Waltz; Jim Rumboldt's Tune #2; Torrent River Jig; The
Wreck Of the Steamship "Ethie"; Martin Keough's Tune; Father's Jig;
My Loving Little Sailor Boy; Sydney Pittman's Tune; Sally's Cove Reel;
Free Payne's Tune Too; Lige Gould's Double; Hunt the Squirrel; Hughie
Wentzell's Tune/ Israel Got A Rabbit; Prosper's Jig; Arthur Perry's Jig

Cassette Compact Disc
TN028C - $ 14.00 TN028D - $ 22.00


Recorded in 1981; remixed in 1995 by Kelly Russell, who supplied a new
accompaniment. Musical transcriptions of all 28 tunes, also by Russell, in a separate booklet.
CONTENTS: Bees & Flowers; Parson's Pond Jig/Uncle
Harry's Out Of Shape; Prosper's Jig; Double Sledder Lad; Sam's Jig;
Suzanna Perry's Tune; Uncle Manuel Milks the Cow; Out Behind the
House/ Up Southern Shore; Four Turn Tune; Mary Had A Little Lamb;
Uncle John Peter Payne's Tune; See How the Farmer Sows His Seed;
Sam Sinnick's Tune; Skipper Lost His Guernsey; Bluebird/ Esau Payne's
Tune; We Are A Set Of Jolly Jolly Lads; Jim Rumbolt's Tune; Pretty
Little Mary/Traveller's Reel; Set Tune #1; Sparrow In the Tree; My Man
John; Flowers Of Edinburgh; Leonard Payne's Tune; Boston Laddie.

Reviewed in the Bulletin, Vol. 31, No. 3-4 (Sept./Dec. 1997)
Cassette Compact Disc
TN031C - $ 14.00 TN031D - $ 21.00

Dorman Ralph (1923 - 1999) was a talented Newfoundland interpreter of
traditional songs. His performances seem to be a cappella, because his button
accordion accompaniment is very much in the background. The occasional
original song, or tune is included in these selections recorded in 1986, and
now finally available on CD.
CONTENTS: Captain Gulliver's Spree; Susan
Strayed the Briny Beach; The Honest Fisherman; My God What a Crowd
I Got; The Schooner Huberry; Pretty Polly; The Ice Cream Sale; Painters
Jig; Charming Blue-Eyed Mary; The Week All Around; Fair Flowers of
Holly-O; Paddy the Bat, Mind Where You're At; The Girl In Charlottetown;
The Franklin Bridge; The Band Of Mad Indians; The Boys In the Bunkhouse;
Pat O'Brien; Welcome Home My Sailor; Same Old Tale That the
Crow Told Me.

Cassette Compact Disc
TN042C - $ 12.00 TN042D - $ 20.00

The dominant instrument of this Newfoundland group is the accordion, along with
great vocals, selection of songs and guest performers.
CONTENTS: Up The Pond; A Pair Of Brown Eyes; Darby Ram; Make Me Want To Stay; Daddy Shot
the Cat; Raggle Taggle; Creatures Of the Night/ Kips Bay/ Pull the Goalies;
Sammy's Bar; Santiano; The Long Haul; Cock Of the North/ Brother's Jig;
Rusty Old Barber; Waltzing For Dreamers; Shoals Of Herring; Blackbird.

Compact Disc
TN036D - $ 21.00

A lively album of traditional, Canadian songs and instrumentals.
CONTENTS: Sound Symposium Jig/ Steve Neary's Waiting For This; The Mallard; The Pride Of
the Season; Old Boney; Jolly Jack Tar; Kelly and Joe; Broken Down Girl;
Lady In the East; Scotty Macmillan's G Minor Jig; Waltz In the House;
Liar's Song; I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry; Jacob's Jig; Up the Hills Of Down.

Reviewed in the Bulletin, Vol. 33, No. 1 (March 1999)
Cassette Compact Disc
TN032C - $ 12.00 TN032D - $ 23.00

A fine mixture of songs and instrumentals by this Newfoundland acoustic group.
The arrangements include strong vocals and a variety of instruments suited to the material.
CONTENTS: Teetotalers/ The Ships Are Sailing; Maurice Kelly; The Reunion; I Didn't
Drink the Rum/ Jim Keefe's/ Gortnaturbrid; The Banks Of Newfoundland; Paddy
Fahey's/ The White Petticoat; The Warlike Lads Of Russia/ Caisleán na nOr; Water
Street Jigs (Sean Ryan's/ Cliffs Of Moher); The Pretty Ploughboy; Prince Rupert's
March/ Trippin' Up Samaria; The Valley of Killbride; Julia Delaney/ Farewell To Erin.

Lyrics enclosed.
Cassette Compact Disc
TN043C - $ 12.00 TN043D - $ 20.00

Traditional songs sung in a gentle traditional manner with easy-listening accompaniment.
It's almost as if the performers are in your own living-room.
CONTENTS: The Golden Jubilee; Come By the Hills; Hard Hard Times;
Off To California; Cliffs Of Baccalieu; Ned Walsh's Tunes; After the Ball;
Pat Murphy's Meadow; The Wild Rover; When You and I Were Young Maggie;
I'll Remember You Love In My Prayers; Newfoundland Medley; The Passing Of the Years.

Cassette Compact Disc
TN038C - $ 12.00 TN038D - $ 20.00

A family sing-a-long with members of the family taking turns on lead vocals;
interspersed with instrumentals.
CONTENTS: Newfoundland Singalong; Henry My Son; You Were Never Too
Far From My Mind; The Fisherman's Widow; The Dutchman; Old Maid
In A Garret; Flowers Of Edinburgh/ Maid Behind the Bar/ Sheehan's Reel;
Rose Of Clare; Somebody's Waiting For Me; The Hundred Pipers; Sweet
Sixteen (For Now I'm Sixty-Four); By the Bright Silvery Light Of the Moon;
Comin' Home From the Races/ Green Grow the Rushes 'O/ My Old Plantation
Shoes; The Music In Our Lives.

Cassette Compact Disc
TN033C - $ 14.00 TN033D - $ 22.00

Many traditional songs and tunes with a variety of lead vocals and harmonies
from members of this Newfoundland family group. The accompaniment is gentle
and reminiscent of family get-togethers.
CONTENTS: The Sailor's Set; Nellie Ray; Waltzes For Anna; True Love and Time;
The Roses Of Prince Charlie; Scottish Reels; Work Upon the Water; Old Pal
Of Mine; The Walsh Set (Hornpipe/ Reel); The Log Driver's Waltz; Let Him
Go Let Him Tarry; First I Courted My Love Jenny; Newfoundland Dance
Medley; Out Through My Window.

Cassette Compact Disc
TN039C - $ 12.00 TN039D - $ 20.00

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