Traditional Music of the Maritimes
Updated March 18, 2004
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Barachois is fast becoming a favourite on the festival and club circuits. Lively
toe-tapping songs and instrumentals as only this French-Canadian group from
P.E.I can play.
CONTENTS: (English titles) - The Growler; Abandoned Maiden; Moneymusk/
Farmers Reel; One Beautiful Sunday Night; Have You Heard About?;
Reel du panier/ P'tit Jon Arsenault/ Johnny Walker; The Election Song;
Delphine's Reel/ Behind My Father's House; My Husband Is Gravely Ill;
The Four Corners/ The Voyagers; In the Morning When I Awake; When I
Lived At My Father's Place; Traditional Reel/ Stephane's Reel; Credo/
The Little Bottle Of Rum
All songs performed in French. French and English lyrics enclosed.
Compact Disc
TM066D - $ 20.00

A celebration of Acadian music from the Evangeline region of P.E.I. Lively
presentations of traditional songs and tunes which have been kept alive over the years.
CONTENTS: Pot pourri; Bastarache la rigondaine; Reel du pendu/ Reel du cordonnier;
Le vieux soldat; Mon tour va venir un jour; Reel des Narcisse/ Reel du barachois;
J'aurais quelque chose à dire; Le mari jaloux; Les deux John; Envoyez d'l'avant/
Reel à Zéli-Ann; Le voyageur; Marie Blanche/ Cuckoo's Nest/ Old French; Le p'tit
moine/ La reel des acadiens.
Songs in French. French and English lyrics enclosed.
Cassette Compact Disc
TM063C - $ 14.00 TM063D - $ 22.00

Mainly traditional songs and tunes performed in a very easy-listening style. Nice
arrangements feature banjo, mandolin and guitar.
CONTENTS: 10,000 Miles Away; Oh No Not I; The Foggy Dew/ Sally In the Garden;
New Frontier; The Girl I Left Behind; The Ferryland Sealer; I Wish We Had Our
Time Again; The Old Polina; Green Castle Hornpipe/ Nancy; A Shantyman's Life;
The Preacher and the Bear; Snowdrop/ Come In; Heave Away; Open Road

Cassette Compact Disc
TM067C - $ 12.00 TM067D - $ 19.00

Lively original maritime music from this Nova Scotia band.
CONTENTS: Rollin' On the Sea; Music Man; Johnny Rye; Together; Old Schoolyard;
The Kathaleen; Send Me A Picture; Charlie; Listen To Me People; Can't Get
Enough Of You; Sleepy Head.
Lyrics enclosed.
Compact Disc
TM054D - $ 21.00

More electric than "Music Man" and as the title says: Powerfolk.
CONTENTS: Fait Do Do; Headin' For Halifax; Lonesome Driver; Breakaway;
Age Old Memories; Salmon River Road Blues; The Bluenose; L'Acadie;
Lovers' Prayer; Her Father Didn't Like Me; Life's A Beach; Lullabies

Lyrics enclosed.
Compact Disc
TM055D - $ 21.00

Many familiar songs, some with up-beat arrangements.
CONTENTS: Joe Neil; Bonnie Bessie Logan; Star Of the County Down; Peggy Gordon;
The Jeannie C; Brennan On the Moor; Summer's In the Country; Sam Hall; Storms;
Patiently Waiting.
Lyrics enclosed for some songs.
Reviewed in the Bulletin, Vol. 31, No. 3/4 (Sept./Dec. 1997)
Cassette Compact Disc
TM056C - $ 14.00 TM056D - $ 21.00

The Cape Breton Chorale is a mixed chorus of 55 voices. It was founded in Sydney N.S.
in 1973, and includes members from many communities in Cape Breton. The current
director is Sr. Rita Claire of the University College of Cape Breton. The songs on this
album are classic maritime favourites and this superb choir performs them with great
feeling and obvious enthusiasm.
CONTENTS: The Dashing White Sergeant; Cape Breton Lullaby; The Hills and Glens;
She's Called Nova Scotia; The Road To the Isles; Song Of Cape Breton; Home I'll Be;
Feller From Fortune; Away From the Roll Of the Sea; Working Man; A Great Big Sea;
Song For the Mira; The Island

Cassette Compact Disc
TM046C - $ 14.00 TM046D - $ 22.00

Fresh and expressive voices give nice interpretations to traditional and new songs.
CONTENTS: Shores of Americay; Sail To the Sea; My Father's Songs; Will Ye No
Come Back Again; The Fields Of Athenry; The Leprechaun Song; Highland Hills
Of Home; Heave Ho! The Wind; Peter Emberley; Mountain Dew/ I'll Tell Me Ma;
The Water Is Wide; Moonshiner; Home Once Again; Danny Boy;
Leave Her Johnny, Leave Her

Reviewed in the Bulletin, Vol. 33, No. 1 (March 1999)
Cassette Compact Disc
TM058C - $ 15.00 TM058D - $ 22.00

Cape Breton's secret is finally getting out! A great collection of original songs and tunes
from this multi-talented musician.
CONTENTS: Another Morning; Kelly's Mountain; Highland Dream; Gone; The Island;
Fiddle Set; You Saw Me; Hell Freezin' Over; Blackbird; Molly May; My Life is Over
Again; The Mathematician/ Sleepy Maggie; Long For the Sea; Gilgarry's Glen.
Lyrics enclosed.

Cassette Compact Disc
TM057C - $ 15.00 TM057D - $ 23.00

This is Clary's latest album and it contains a variety of songs recorded live at the
1988 and 1989 Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festivals. Many of the songs are from the
extensive collections of Dr. Helen Creighton; all are traditional and are performed in
fine style by this popular entertainer.
CONTENTS: Sherbrooke To Halifax Line; Jesse Munro; Lost Jimmy Whelan; All 'Round
My Hat; When I Was In My Prime; Spinning Wheel; False Knight Upon the Road; Sun,
Moon, and Stars; If I Were A Blackbird; Farewell To Nova Scotia; Song For the Mira;

TM039C - $ 13.00

Teresa Doyle provides fine entertainment as she sings a selection of mostly traditional
songs from Prince Edward Island.
CONTENTS: Crazy Man Michael; Cam Ye O'er Frae France; When Johnny Went
Plowin' For Kearon; Young Girl Cut Down In Her Prime; Factory Girl; Oh No,
Not I; Tom Of Bedlam; Fairest Jenny; Sto Mo Chori; Prince Edward Isle, Adieu;
Drimindown/ Knocknegow #1 & #2; O'Halloran Road

TM004C - $ 14.00

This album contains a mixed blend of contemporary and traditionally based folk
material. Her fine singing voice is backed by some excellent musicians.
CONTENTS: Iridescent Blue; Maggie Daly; Salisbury Plain; She's Like the Swallow;
The Shearing; The Slaugh "Swoogh"; Agincourt Carol; If I Was A Blackbird;
Haul the Jib; Blue's Hollow; The Giant; Cape Breton Lullaby
Cassette Compact Disc
TM041C - $ 15.00 TM041D - $ 23.00

CONTENTS: Land for the Tiller; Stowaway; Path Of Destiny; Isabeau; Belle Marie;
Jock O'Hazeldean; Pretty Fair Maid; The Cuckoo; Paddy's Lamentation;
The Wind That Shakes the Barley; Eilean an Aigh

Compact Disc
TM053D - $ 22.00

This album has a great selection of jigs and reels with primarily Scottish and
Irish origins, all of which have become part of the traditional music of P.E.I.
The members of the group are fine musicians, vocals are crisp and clear, and
the recording quality is excellent.
CONTENTS: King George IV/ Joys Of Hammering/ Mutt's Favourite; When
Johnny Went Plowin' For Kearon; Rollin' Waves/ Kilavel Jig/ Paddy Fahey's/
Sean Ryan's/ Calliope House; Dust On the Window Sill/ Walls of Liscarroll/
Old Man Dillon/ Lilting Banshee/ Old Hog At the Churn; Drimmindown; St.
Patrice; Coleman's Butterfly; Toss the Feathers/ Cup Of
Tea; A Shantyman's
Life; Home Ruler/Kitty's Wedding/ Wind That Shakes the Barley; The Sailor's
Wife/ Harbour Grace; Joseph and Margaret Chaisson/ Space Available/
Of Edinburgh/ Heather On the Hill/ St. Ann's Reel.

TM047C - $ 14.00

A great cassette featuring this fine traditional singer from the Miramichi area of
New Brunswick. Marie Hare, who learned her music from her family, is a great
traditional singer with a wonderful repertoire that is sampled on the cassette.
This is a re-release of the original Folk Legacy album (FSC 9) and is part of the
CSMT Cassette Production Programme. Documentation by Louise Manny and
Edward Ives is included.
CONTENTS: Green Valley; Green Grows the Laurel; Patrick O'Donnell; The
Maid Of the East; The Jam On Gerry's Rock; The Banks Of the Miramichi;
The Wexford Lass; Billy Grimes the Drover; Jenny Dear; Peter Emberley;
Round Her Mantle So Green

TM005C - $ 12.00

(Maritime Folk Music of the Sixties) A compilation CD of one album and
tracks from rehearsal tapes. The Henchmen capture the sounds of the sixties,
with guitars, banjo, bass and fine harmonies.
CONTENTS: Road To Freedom; The Time Of Man; Three Jolly Rogues;
The Bluenose; I'm Going Home; Jordan River; Down the River Saint John;
Copper Kettle; The Rover; You Were On My Mind; Flowers On the Wall;
Headin' For the Hills; Mighty Day; Two Ten: Six Eighteen; Mandy; Help
Me Brother; Chariot's A Comin'; John Goya; Dunya, Dunya; The Hammond
River; Down East In Old NB; The Indian Saga; New Brunswick Potatoes
For Me; Deer Island; Springtime Is Here; Since My Canary Died

Reviewed in the Bulletin, Vol. 33, No. 2 (June 1999)
Cassette Compact Disc
TM062C - $ 16.00 TM062D - $ 20.00

Fans of traditional "Down East" fiddle music are really going to love this album.
Roy Johnstone is a talented fiddler, and he has put together a great selection of jigs,
marches, reels, laments, and plain old waltzes. He is ably supported by fellow
maritime musicians Grady Poe and Lennie Gallant.
CONTENTS: Kilavel Jig/ Paddy Fahey's/ Callipoe House; The Reaper Of Glanree;
Lament For Sir Harry Lumsden/ Rights Of Man/ Mother's Delight/ Rolling Waves;
Come Ye By Atholl; Monaghan's Jig; March In F; Ciaran O Raghallaigh/ Martin
Wynn's #2; South Wind Waltz; Hector the Hero/ Laird Of Drumblaire/ Miss
Stewart Grantully/ Carl's Reel

Reviewed in the Bulletin, Vol. 26, No. 2 (Fall 1992)
TM048C - $ 14.00

Another enjoyable group from Halifax. Original and traditional fare is the order of the
day including songs from other writers.
CONTENTS: Wrecker's Den; Honest Gamble/ Tripping Up the Stairs; Johnny Bean
Set - Cawdor Fair/ Frank's Reel/ Speed the Plow; Fisherman's Blues; Dream Of
Death/ Forfar Hunt; I Was Made For Loving You; South Australia/ Brenda Stubbert's
Reel; Come On Eileen; The Drunken Dancer - Dinky Dorrian's/ Sleepy Maggie/ McNab's
Hornpipe; The Keeper/ Plenty Of Hornpipe; Dylan's Ghost; Last Call
Cassette Compact Disc
TM064C - $ 14.00 TM064D - $ 23.00

Many of these songs are universal favourites. Great harmonies and lead vocals
whether a cappella or accompanied by this Nova Scotia group.
CONTENTS: The Ballad Of St. Anne's Reel; The Bluenose Song; Last Shanty;
Inverness Ceilidh/ Robert Hannigan's Reel; Sonny's Dream; Home In My
Harbour; Barrett's Privateers; The Island; The Legend Of Kelly's Mountain;
Song For the Mira; As Long As There Is Sail; Farewell To Nova Scotia

Cassette Compact Disc
TM065C - $ 12.00 TM065D - $ 21.00

(From the Land of Trees). Fine singing on songs from the Gaelic tradition of
Cape Breton - songs that were brought here or composed by early settlers.
CONTENTS: (English translations) O I Am Unhappy; Air Faillirinn Iu; Lovable Little
Darling; Donald "Antaidh"; Cuckoo Of the Mountains; Hey My Love; The Little
Old Man Of the Pond; O I Do Love You; I Will Not Survive; Hush, Hush, Hush
My Little Baby; Mouthmusic Medley; I Would Take A Drink From My love's
Hand; Lament To the Sons Of Alasdair Mòr; Song To An Old Ford
Gaelic lyrics enclosed - with translations.
Cassette Compact Disc
TM059C - $ 13.00 TM059D - $ 23.00

Another collection of Gaelic songs - some a cappella, or with a friends.
CONTENTS: (English Translations) Spinning Song; Seinn o; Dòmhnall mac 'ic lain;
É horò; Hi rì him bò; Bòg a'Lochain; A Love Song; Margaret's Song; Stepping
Song; I Love the Lad; On the Drowning Of a Young Man
Gaelic lyrics enclosed.
Reviewed in the Bulletin, Vol. 32, No. 2 (June 1998)
Cassette Compact Disc
TM060C - $ 13.00 TM060D - $ 23.00

As a player of traditional dance music, Hugh "Buddy" MacMaster enjoys the
reputation of a living legend in Cape Breton today. This is a full length album,
and it contains a great selection of traditional jigs, waltzes, reels, strathspeys
that demonstrates his mastery of the fiddle. He is accompanied by John Morris
Rankin of Mabou, who is an acclaimed musician in his own right.
Cassette Compact Disc
TM045C - $ 14.00 TM045D - $ 22.00

Buddy is a master fiddler from Judique, Cape Breton. He was given his first fiddle
at the age of three, made his first public performance at the age of twelve, and has
been carrying on and enhancing the finest of Scottish fiddle music traditions ever since!
On this album, he is ably accompanied by John Morris Rankin (piano) and David
MacIsaac (guitar). Featuring a great selection of jigs, reels, waltzes, highland airs,
sthrathspeys, and marches.
CONTENTS: Golden Rod Jig/ The New Stove Jig/ Irene's Jig; Da Slockit Light/
Glen Caladh Castle/The Lasses Of Stewarton; Memories Of Paddy LeBlanc/ L
ord Alexander Gordon/ The Marquis Of Huntly; Haud Er Guan; King George
the Fourth/ Old King George Strathspey/ Old King's Reel/ King's Reel; Oban
and Lorne Society/ The Devil In the Kitchen/ Miss Drummond Of Perth; Don't
Be Teasing Jig/ Richard Brennan's Jig/ Bonnie Lea Rig; P.M. Jim Christie Of Wick/
Miss Catrina Gillies/ Coire An Lochan/ Aqndy Renwick's Ferret; Jackson's Trip
To Augrim/ Tripping Up Stairs/ Tar Road To Sligo/ Swingin On Home;
R.P.Cummings March/ Christie Campbell/ The MacKentosh Of MacKentosh

TM042C - $ 15.00

Here is another fine album by this wonderful and unique chorus of miners from our
CONTENTS: The Man With A Torch In His Cap; The Ballad Of Springhill;
The Jolly Miner; Mary Ann; Kelly's Cove; The Government Store; The Coal
By the Sea; Swing Low, Sweet Chariot; Battle Hymn Of the Republic; Isle Royale;
The Banks of Newfoundland; Drill Ye Tarriers, Drill

TM011C - $ 13.00

This album is a continuation of the popular series performed by this popular and
world renowned men's chorus.
CONTENTS: Coal Tattoo; The Canny Miner; Plain Ol' Miner Boy; The Lonely Fiddler;
No. 26 Colliery Disaster; The Ballad Of Jim McLachlan; Dust In the Air; Song For
the Mira; Sea People; Cape Breton Silver; Cape Breton Dream; Unknown Miner's
Grave; Coal Is King Again; Rap 'er To Bank

TM012C - $ 13.00

Old and new songs of Atlantic Canada. Jim and Fergus share the lead vocals and
provide great harmony and accompaniment for each other.
CONTENTS: Heave Away; Net Hauling Song; Rig Worker's Alphabet; My Loving Little
Sailor Boy; Cape Breton Silver; Double Sledder Lad; Jolly Roving Tar; Wave Over
Wave; Big Bow Wow; Peter Emberly; Duffy's Hotel; Bound For St. Peter's

Cassette Compact Disc
TM068C - $ 12.00 TM068D - $ 20.00

Nancy Roach has been playing the fiddle for over twenty years and, to date, is the
winner of eight Maritime fiddle competitions. The music is almost everything anyone
who loves Maritime fiddle music would desire. It begins with Scottish fiddle music
that has its roots in Cape Breton, combines with some Irish jigs and reels, and closes
with some old time fiddle music that will be near and dear to the hearts of Don Messer fans!
CONTENTS: Father Eugene's Welcome To Cape North; Brenda Stubbert's Reel;
Mutt's Favourite; Shannon Waltz; Shandon Bells; Regina Stubbert's Jig;
Gearrbhodaí Laoise; The Golden Keyboard; Florence Killen's Waltz; High Level
Hornpipe; Lightning Hornpipe; David Rankin's Strathspey; Father John Angus
Rankin; Joey Beaton's Reel; Don Messer's Memorial Waltz; Pet Of the Pipers;
The Mug Of Brown Ale; Paddy the Dandy; Memories Of Father Angus
MacDonnell; Allister MacGillivray; Glengrant; The Hurricane; Silver Cloud Waltz

TM044C - $ 13.00

Jim's fine tribute to the once fastest ship on the ocean - the Marco Polo. Built in
New Brunswick the Marco Polo plied between Liverpool and Melbourne, Australia.
Here, the story and tribute is presented by Jim and friends including Hal an Tow
and Gordon Bok.
CONTENTS: Anthem For the Wind & Water; The Launching; Marco Polo; Australia;
Bully's Hornpipe; The Pea Soup Calamity; Edwin's Song; Southern Cross;
Hob-y-derri-dando; We Built This Old Ship; To the Ends Of the Earth

Cassette Compact Disc
TM061C - $ 14.00 TM061D - $ 22.00

These field recordings made by Dr. Helen Creighton, include Gaelic, German and Indian
songs as well as English language material. Of particular note is the song Welcome Table
recorded from a black family. The liner notes are by Dr. Creighton.
CONTENTS: Captain Conrod; New Year's Eve and Children's Verse In German;
The Welcome Table; Lullaby; Un Matin Je Me Leve; Chanson d'un Soldat;
Lord Gordon's Reel; Rafferty's Reel and calls; Paddy In London;
PlainSet-Lancers; Lady Gowrie; Moose and bear calls; Sally Around
the Corner O; Rio Grande; Leave Her Johnny, Leave Her; Goodbye, Fare You Well;
Hangman Johnny; Haul the Alabama Bowline; Rain Rain the Wind Does Blow; The
False Knight Upon the Road; I'm Going To Get Married; The Red Mantle;
His Jacket Was Blue; The Gay Spanish Maid

TM017C - $ 16.00

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