Allen, Jenny
Something to Say

Anderson & Brown
Off on a Tangent

Anderson, Mary
Ballade ... Voyage

Arrogant Worms, The
The Arrogant Worms
Russel's Shorts
C'est Cheese
Live Bait
Christmas Turkey

Atyeo, Robert
Angels on a Cliff
Heart Like a Rubber Ball

Avery, Rick & Greenhill, Judy
Family Album

Baker, Dave
Songs and Sounds of Canadian Steam
This Land is What I Am

Ballantyne, Mike
In the Tradition
Entertainer at Large
Pint Pot & Plough


Bartlett, Jon & Ruebsaat, Rika
The Green Fields of Canada

Bénéteau, Marcel
Les Fills de Sandwich Vielles Chanson du Détroit, Vol. 1
Vielles Chansons du Détroit: Old French Songs of Le Détroit, Vol. 2

Bennet, Willie P.

Benoit, Emile
Vive la Rose

Berman, Leslie & Wood, Heather
Grass Roots International Folk Resources Directory
1985-86 Bluegrass Directory: Player's Guide to Bluegrass and Folk Products, Supplies, Services

Berner, Wendy
Just (?) Desserts and Other Savoury Tales

Best, Anita & Morgan, Pamela
The Colour of Amber

Bishop, Heather
I love Women Who Laugh
A Taste of The Blues
Old, New, Borrowed, Blue
Walk That Edge
Daydream Me Home
Purple People Eater
A Duck in New York City
Chickee's on the Run
Chickee's on the Run (Video)

Bockner, Rick
Trouble With the Moon

Bogle, Eric
The Eric Bogle Songbooks

Bossin, Bob
Gabriola V0R 1X0

Bourque, Bernard, & Lepage

Boyce, Farrell
Whatever Happened to That Golden Glow?

Brakin' Tradition
Music Man
Presence in the Past

Broughton, Simon (et al)
World Music: The Rough Guide

Brown, Alistair
No Idle Jest
The Swan Necked Valve

Brown, Anne Beverly
Keyhole and The Eternal Kiss
The Landlord's Daughter

Brown, Rodney
Wishes, Dreams and Giants

Bryant, Wiz
Blue Collar Heroes

Buccaneers, The
Prairie Shanty

Buddy Wasisname & The Other Fellers
The Miracle Cure
100% Pure
D'Lard Liftin
Pop The Rivets (Video)

Byrne, Pat & Joe; w/ Baxter Wareham
Towards The Sunset

Cameron, Moira
One Evening As I Rambled

Campbell, David
Man of Many Colours

Cape Breton Chorale
Songs of Atlantic Canada

Carnahan, Gordie
Toe Tappin' Tunes From The Prairies

Cassidy, Erin
The Wind At Play

Cavendish, Cal
Another Truckin' Trip
This is Cavendish Country
High White Clouds
Live At The Jubilee Calgary '94

Home Brew

Ceilidh Friends
Yellowknife Evening

Chiasson, Anselme
Toute Le Long De Ces Cotes

Christl, Margaret
The Picture in My Mind

Clemens, Lucinda
Listener's Guide To 'Une Chanson De Verite', Folk Songs Of The Prairie Metis

Cline, Leigh
Orient Express

Cockburn, Bruce
Rumours of Glory

Cohen, Judith
Primavera El Salónica

Connie & Paul
My Father's Songs

Cook, Christy and Fred
Just A Minuet

Cormier, J.P.
Return To The Cape
Heart & Soul
Another Morning

Croft, Clary
Live At The Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival

Crooked Stovepipe
Pickin' On The Rock

Curry, Nathan
The Great Wave

Despault, Mark
Natural Revelation

Doyle, Teresa
Price Edward Isle, Adieu

Dunn, Ken
Precious Life

Dunn, Maria
From Where I Stand

Eaglesmith, Fred
Things Is Changin'
From The Paradise Motel
Drive-In Movie
Lipstick Lies & Gasoline
50 - Odd Dollars

Ellenton, Susan
The Secret of My Happiness

Elysian Dream
Touch Me If You Dare
A Place of Dreams

Evans & Doherty
Live At The Lunenburg Folk Festival
Silver Sea
Road Not Taken

Tear The House Down

Fear Of Drinking
One Morning When I Went To Work

Feder, Allison & Schrank, Bernice
Literature and Folk Culture: Ireland and Newfoundland

Fielding, Rick

Figgy Duff
After The Tempest
Figgy Duff

Fines, Rick
Out of The Living Room

Finest Kind
Lost In a Song
Heart's Delight

Fisher, Archie & Rogers, Garnet
Off The Map

Fisher, Archie
Sunsets I've Galloped Into

Fjellgaard, Gary
The Best Of...

Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band

Flying Tide
When Striking A Stone

Foster, Dave
On That Christmas Day
Amanda's Request

Fowke, Edith
Lumbering Songs From The Northern Woods
Folktales of French Canada

Fowke, Edith & Johnston, Richard
Folk Songs of Canada 1

Freed, Don
On The Plains
Young Northern Voices

freedOM & Leela
Mystics Of The East

Friends Of Fiddlers Green
The Road To Mandalay
This Side Of The Ocean

Gagne, Soucy & Blanchet
French Canadian Country Dances: Traditional Harmonica Music Of
Lower St. Lawrence River, Quebec

Gallaher, Bill & Galbraith, Jake
The Grand Illusion

Gallaher, Bill & Harmony Road
Across The Divide

Gallant, Lennie
Believing in Better

Garrett, Bill
Seems To Me

De Fiestas Y Alegrias
Me Vaya Kappara

Goldberg, Eve
Ever Brightening Day

Goldstein, Kenneth & Rosenberg, Neil V.
Folklore Studies In Honour Of Herbert Halpert

Gordon, James
More Hometown Tunes

Grant, Catherine
Touch The Pioneers -- A Tanglefoot Songbook

Gray, Ann
A Twist In The Tale
Shouting At Magpies

Guinchard, Rufus
Humouring The Tunes
Touch The Pioneers -- A Tanglefoot Songbook

Spirit Of The North
Northern Tracks

Half The Sky
Half The Sky
Naked As Moonlight

Halpert, Herbert
A Folklore Sampler From The Maritimes

Hamilton, James S.
Sitar Music In Calcutta

Hammond, Marie-Lynn

Hare, Marie
Miramichi Songs and Ballads

Harrow, Richard & Mundy, Glen

Haslem, Paul
Dulcimer Traditionss
Spirit Of The Land

Hemsworth, Wade
The Songs Of Wade Hemsworth (CD)
The Songs of Wade Hemsworth (book)

The Henchmen Reunion

Herdman, Hills, Mangsen

Hubele, Robert Burton
Halfway To Everywhere

Hynes, Ron
Standing In Line In The Rain

Irish Descendants
Misty Morning Shore

Jackson Delta
Jackson Delta Live
Lookin' Back

Jackson, Rick
The Encyclopedia Of Canadian Country Music
The Encyclopedia Of Canadian Rock, Pop And Folk Music

Johnson, Vera
The Vera Johnson Songbook No. 1

Johnston, Richard

Johnstone, Roy
Rolling Waves
Stark Ravin'
Devils Jig
Rollying Waves

Joyce, Moon
The Infinite Edge

2 Sides of Juba

Kaldor, Connie
Wood River

Kalmanovitch, Tanya – Trio

Kaplan, Howard
Eleven Songs...

Keelaghan, James
My Skies

Kidwell, Katie
The Cariboo Song Rider

Kilgore Trout
One Voice Starts...

High Road To Linton


Kindred Spirits
Canadian Harmony

Kleniec, Michael
Ragas For Guitar

Knickle, Mary
On The Wind And The Sea

Knutson, David
Plain Country Folk

Kurtz, Cole & Bruce
Kurtz Cole & Bruce

Labbe, Gabriel & Bruneau, Philippe
Masters Of French Canadian Music Volume III

Lacroix, Duguay, Plante & Guilmette
Masters Of French Canadian Music Volume IV

Lakusta, Dennis
Run with You

Lamond, Mary Jane
Bho Thir Nan Craobh

Lang, Penny
Penny Lang And Friends Live
Carry On Children

Laroche, Gérald

Laskin, Grit
Lila's Jig

Lawless, Greg
Greggorian Chance

Lederman, Anne
Not A Mark In This World
Come From Every Way

Lehr, Genevieve
Come And I Will Sing You - A Newfoundland Songbook

Lewis, Tom
Sea-Dog, Sea-Dog

Lim, Su-Chong
Golden Mountain

Luft, Barry & Lyn
Flower In The Snow
House Concert

Luft, Barry & Rogers, Tim
Songs Of The Iron Trail: The
Canadian Railroad Experience In Song

Luft, Barry
Lean A Little

Luft, Cara
Tragedy Of The Commons

Luft, Toupey
A Season With Athena

Lyon, George (W)
Blood On The Saddle: Songs Of The Cowboys
Community Music In Alberta: Some Good Schoolhouse Stuff

The Raven Bird: A Northern Odyssey

MacDonald, Ian
Holding Shadows

MacInnes, Sheldon
A Journey In Celtic Music Cape Breton Style

MacMaster, Buddy
Judique On The Floor
Glencoe Hall

MacMillan, Jim
Northern Waters

MacPhee, Cyril
When I Say I Do

Martineau, Danielle

McArthur, Doug & Rogers, Garnet
Doug McArthur With Garnet Rogers

McArthur, Doug
Letters From The Coast/Sisteron

McGann, Eileen
WTurn It Around

McKennitt, Loreena
To Drive The Cold Winter Away

McKhool, Christopher
Edge Of A Tide
Earth, seas And Air
Earth, Seas And Air - An Ecoconcert For Kids

McLachlan, John
Stepping Out

Melhuish, Martin
Oh What A Feeling: a Vital History of Canadian Music

Men Of the Deeps
The Men of The Deeps "II"
The Men of The Deeps "III"

Mercer, Paul
Newfoundland Songs and Ballads in Print, 1842-1974, A Title and First Line Index

Millar, Will
Celtic Reverie

Miller, Cathy
Dance Beneath The Moon

Mitchell, Michael
Lest We Forget
Canada Is...

Morrison, Linda
Mr. Mole
Nolan, Brendan
North Of South
Northern Sons
Olafson, Lowry
Original Balkan Jam
Page, Linda
Parry, David
Payne, Jim
Pied Pumkin
Pilon, Francine & Loiselle, & Pilon
Posen, Sheldon
Prairie Ceilidh
Prairie Higglers
Quigley, Barbara Ann
Quigley, Colin
Raspberry Jam
Rawlings, Chris
Rawlins Cross
Reid, Loretto & Tabeny, Brian
Roach, Nancy
Robb, Ian
Robert & Susan
Roblin, Andrew & the Pocono Mountain Men
Rogers, Garnet & Long, Doug
Rogers, Garnet
Rogers, Stan
Rogers, Stan
Rosenberg, Neil
Ryan, Denis
Scarlett, Mose
Scarlett, Washington, & Whitely
Schryer & Byrne, Dermot
Schryer, Pierre
Scott, Rick
Sharon, Lois, & Bram
Sidor, Penny
Smith, Christina & Hewson, Jean
Smith, Laura
Stewart, Jim
Tamblyn, Ian
Themba Tana & African Heritage
Thomas, Gerald
Trottier, Maxine
Tutty, Paddy
Udahl, Elmer
Ulrich, Shari
Under the Moss
Usher, Bill
Verret, Jean-Marie & Lise
Virgo Rising
Wakami Wailers
Walsh, Ray & Family
Washboard Hank
Washington, Jackie
Watt, Bobby
White, Diamond Joe
White, Jennifer
White, Nancy
Whitely Bros.
Whitely, Chris
Whitely, Ken
Whitely, Washington & Scarlett
Widdowson, Rob
Wild Colonial Boys
Wilkie, David
Williams, Tim & McLean, Big Dave
Williams, Tim
Wilson, George & Kaplan, Selma
Wilson, Tom
Wood, Heather
Wood, Richard
Yashinksky, Dan

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