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Salt Beef Junkie
Saturday Night In Hardwood Lake
Say Hello to the Morning
Scoobie Tunes
Sea-Dog, See Dog
Season With Athena, A
Secret Of My Happiness, The
Seems To Me
Shave the Bear
Shouting At Magpies
Silver Sea
Silver Thin Lines
Sings Hank Williams
Sitar Music In Calcutta
Sixteen Shades of Blue
Small Café
Small Rebellions
Small Victories
Snotty Var
Sock full of Songs, A
So, Know Any Good Songs?
Something To Say
Songbook 1
Songbook 2
Songs and Dances Of the Great Lakes Indians
Songs and Drumming Of Africa
Songs and Sounds Of Canadian Steam
Songs From Fogarty's Cove
Songs Of Atlantic Canada
Songs Of French Canada
Songs Of the Iron Trail
Songs Of Wade Hemsworth, The (Book)
Songs Of Wade Hemsworth, The (Compact Disc)
Songs Sung By French Newfoundlanders
Speaking Softly In the Dark
Spirit Of the Land
Spirit Of the North
Standing In Line In the Rain
Stark Ravin'
State Of the Nation
Stepping Out
Suas E!
Summer Lightning
Sunsets I've Galloped Into
Swan Necked Valve, The
Sweet and Hot

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