The Canadian Society for Traditional Music is dedicated to the study and

promotion of musical traditions of all communities and cultures, in all their

aspects. The scope of the Society's activities is intended to reflect the

interests of all its members, including ethnomusicologists, folklorists,

performers, music enthusiasts, and the music community at large.


Formed in 1956 as the Canadian Folk Music Society by the eminent

ethnographer and folklorist Marius Barbeau, the Society provides a

national focus for lovers of diverse musical traditions, with annual

conferences held in all regions of the country, from St. John's,

Newfoundland, to Vancouver Island, British Columbia. From its initial focus

upon First Nations and rural French and English cultures, the Society has

broadened its horizons to encompass musical expressions found

throughout Canada and the world.

The constitution is available here (PDF).

Contact our Executive Committee for more information or assistance.

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