Minutes of the 2002 Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Society for Traditional Music

November 3, 2002. Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John's, Newfoundland

[MSC = Moved, Seconded, Carried]

In attendance: Marcel Bénéteau, Anita Best, Beverley Diamond, Paula Flynn, David Gregory, Zainab Haruna, Philip Hiscock, John Leeder, Kate Power (non-participating observer), James Prescott, Norman Stanfield, 5 proxies.

Reminiscences of the late Bill Sarjeant were shared, and other departed members (notably Cliff Allen) and other scholars (notably Lise Waxer) were remembered.

1. Agenda: MSC that the agenda be approved.

2. Minutes: MSC that the minutes of the 2001 Annual General Meeting be adopted as distributed.

3. Reports:

President (Norman Stanfield) (oral report)
MSC that the report be received with thanks.

Members were urged to contact their MPs concerning issues in the field.

MSC that the Society provide a listserv, with Zainab Haruna as manager.

Treasurer (James Prescott)
MSC that the report (PDF file) be received with thanks.

It was decided that the President would act as liaison with the International Council for Traditional Music.

MSC [see attached motion (PDF file)] that the Society take immediate steps to determine if it would still be advantageous to register the Society in Alberta, and if so to commence the process of registration, and that the President review progress no later than the end of May 2003, and that if it has been determined that it would not be advantageous to register, or if there is no useful progress towards registration, the President then write a letter to Phil Thomas asking his permission to release his $300 donation for use for the general purposes of the Society.

Secretary (John Leeder) (oral report)
MSC that the report be received with thanks.

Mail Order Service (Dave Foster)
MSC that the report (Word file) be received with thanks.

David Gregory offered to consult with Dave Foster concerning the state of the Mail Order Service, with the matter to be reviewed at the next AGM.

Mail Order Service Website (Gord Sherret) (no report)

John Leeder reported that Gord was relinquishing the webmastership and discussions were under way re transferring it to Mike Ballantyne. Zainab Haruna volunteered to assist as necessary.

Bulletin (David Gregory) (oral report)
MSC that the report be received with thanks.

The possibility of a name change was discussed, and suggestions called for.

Journal (Gordon Smith)
MSC that the report (Word file) be received with thanks.

Membership Secretary (James Prescott)
MSC that the report (PDF file) be received with thanks.

CSTM Website (Heather Sparling) (no report -- overseas)

Norman Stanfield volunteered to check into reported problems with the server.

It was suggested that written reports to the AGM be posted in advance on the website.

It was queried whether the same person could serve as webmaster for both websites.

4. 2003 Annual General Meeting:

MSC that the board be authorized to select a site for the 2003 Annual General Meeting, taking into account the earlier proposal from Athabasca University.

5. Elections:

The following persons were elected (subject to acceptance, in the case of members not in attendance):

President: Norman Stanfield
Vice-Presidents: Marcel Bénéteau, Lorne Brown
Secretary: Vacant, to be filled by co-option
Treasurer: James Prescott

Directors: Mike Ballantyne, Carmelle Bégin, Sandria P. Bouliane, Maureen Chafe, Margaret Chan, Judith Cohen, Paula Flynn, Dave Foster, Pauline Greenhill, David Gregory, Julie LeBlanc, John Leeder, Danielle Martineau, Peter Narváez, Murray Shoolbraid, Heather Sparling, Kati Szego, Phil Thomas [Bégin and Martineau subsequently declined]

Ex officio positions:

Past President: Leslie Hall
Bulletin Co-Editor: Rosaleen Gregory
Journal Editor: Gordon Smith

6. Constitution:

Notice of Motion from the 2001 meeting, that the Archivist be added as a ex officio Director, tabled until 2003 due to lack of distribution.

7. Other Business:

MSC that Maureen Chafe be appointed Archivist.

MSC that a decision as to the desirability of remaining a member of the International Council for Traditional Music be deferred until the 2003 AGM.

A proposal from Precana Thompson (Cash Back Alliance) was deemed unworthy of discussion.

MSC that the Society thank the organizers of the Annual General Meeting, particularly Anita Best, Bev Diamond and Kate Power.

8. Adjournment:

MSC that the meeting be adjourned.