Minutes of the 2003 Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Society for Traditional Music

November 2, 2003. Athabasca, Alberta

[MSC = Moved, Seconded, Carried]

In attendance: Mike Ballantyne, Jon Bartlett, Maureen Chafe, Tony Coté, Bob Gill, David Gregory, Rosaleen Gregory, Gerry Janse, Nelly Janse, John Leeder, Derek Lofthouse, Peter Opryshko, Sandria P. Bouliane, Cindy Pierce, James Prescott, Regula Qureshi, Robert Rodriquez, Rika Ruebsaat, Murray Shoolbraid, Norman Stanfield, 1 proxy.

1. Agenda: MSC that the agenda be approved.

2. Minutes: MSC that the minutes of the 2002 Annual General Meeting be adopted as distributed.

3. Reports:

President (Norman Stanfield) (oral report, written after the fact)
MSC that the report [16K Word file] be received with thanks.

Treasurer (James Prescott) (written report later amended due to new figures in Journal editor's report)
MSC that the report11K PDF file] be received with thanks.

It was decided that the Journal size would be capped at 80 pages.

MSC that membership rates be increased in 2004 to the following:

Canadian: Underemployed $18, Individual $30, Institution $45
Outside Canada: Underemployed $28, Individual $40, Institution $55

Secretary (John Leeder) (no formal report)

Mail Order Service (Dave Foster)
MSC that the report [23K Word file] be received with thanks.

It was decided that advertising in Penguin Eggs should be investigated.

It was decided that the President should consult with Dave Foster concerning the state of the service.

John Leeder offered to consult with Dave as well concerning the service's debt to him and his ideas for repayment, with a written response to be obtained from Dave.

Mail Order Service Website (Gord Sherret) (no report)

John Leeder reported that a disc containing the files had just been transferred from Gord to Zainab Jerrett.

Archivist (Maureen Chafe)
MSC that the report [22K Word file] be received with thanks.

Responses to issues raised in the report:

The Treasurer advised that no evaluation or official receipt is necessary.

Regula Qureshi, Jon Bartlett and David Gregory volunteered to act as an informal committee to advise the Archivist concerning the other matters raised in the report.

Bulletin (David Gregory)
MSC that the report [22K Word file] be received with thanks.

Journal (Gordon Smith)
MSC that the report [20K Word file] be received with thanks.

Membership Secretary (James Prescott)
MSC that the report [122K PDF file] be received with thanks.

CSTM Website (Heather Sparling)
MSC that the report [24K Word file] be received with thanks.

4. 2003 Annual General Meeting:

MSC that CSTM gratefully accept Carole Carpenter's offer to host the 2004 CSTM AGM Annual Conference and AGM at York University, Toronto, Ontario, with the date to be decided by the Executive.

5. Constitution:

MSC that by-law 15 be amended in the English version by adding ", the Archivist" before "and the Past President", and in the French version by adding ", l'archiviste" before "et le président sortant".

Sandria P. Bouliane agreed to compare the English and French versions of the consititution and arrive at French versions of the recent amendments.

6. Elections:

The following persons were elected (subject to acceptance, in the case of members not in attendance):

President: Norman Stanfield

Vice-Presidents: Lorne Brown, Sandria P. Bouliane

Secretary: John Leeder

Treasurer: James Prescott

Directors: Mike Ballantyne, Jon Bartlett, Marcel Bénéteau, Margaret Chan, Judith Cohen, Paula Flynn, Dave Foster, Pauline Greenhill, Zainab Jerrett, Sherry Johnson, David Gregory, Julie LeBlanc, John Leeder, Peter Narváez, Regula Qureshi, Murray Shoolbraid, Heather Sparling, Kati Szego, Phil Thomas [all absentee electees subsequently accepted]

Ex officio positions:

Past President: Leslie Hall

Bulletin Co-Editor: Rosaleen Gregory

Journal Editor: Gordon Smith

Archivist: Maureen Chafe

7. Other Business:

(i) New letterhead: John Leeder agreed to query Rodger Leeder re the possibility of making the English and French lettering on the proposed new logo the same size, and/or putting the French name before the English one.

(ii) Fundraising: John Leeder reported that the SOCAN Foundation's grant to the  Bulletin of $1500 for 2002 had been received and the same amount had been promised for 2003. Also, the Pine Grove camping weekend raised $57 and the sale of Entertainment books in Calgary had raised $120.

(iii) ICTM: MSC that CSTM remain a member of the International Council for Traditional Music.

(iv) MSC that CSTM continue to work with archives and museums to make field-recordings of Canadian traditional music accessible to the public via the internet.

(v) MSC that a committe chaired by David Gregory, with members Bob Gibb, Jon Bartlett and Regula Qureshi, with power to co-opt, be struck to investigate the feasibility (financial and other) of creating a non-profit record label devoted to issuing CDs with recordings of Canadian traditional and revival singers and musicians.

(vi) MSC that the Society thank the organizers of the Annual General Meeting, particularly Rosaleen and David Gregory, the Centre for Global and Social Analysis, and the Heartwood Folk Club.

8. Adjournment:

MSC that the meeting be adjourned.