Minutes of the 2004 Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Society for Traditional Music

October 31, 2004, York University, Toronto, Ontario

Norman Stanfield in the Chair
Jon Bartlett, Acting Secretary

MSC: moved, seconded, carried

Please note: the Acting Secretary has taken the liberty of moving items discussed under “Other Business” (item 15) to the relevant section above for ease of comprehension.

1. Adoption of the Agenda
MSC That the Agenda be adopted

2. Minutes of 2003 Annual General Meeting
MSC That the Minutes of the 2003 Annual General Meeting be adopted

3. President's Report (Norman Stanfield, as circulated)
MSC That the President's Report [Word 26K] be adopted

4. Treasurer's Report (James Prescott, as circulated)
MSC That the Treasurer's Report [PDF 69K] be adopted

5. Secretary's Report (John Leeder, email as circulated)
The Secretary reported that he had no report to make.

6. Mail Order Service Report (as circulated)

Following a discussion on the advisability of investigating JSTOR as a site from which to access the Bulletin and the Journal, it was

MSC That a subcommittee, comprising Gordon Smith, David Gregory, Norman Stanfield and Carol Carpenter, be struck to consider the question of web access to Society publications

MSC That a subcommittee, comprising Zainab Jerrett, Heather Sparling, John Leeder, David Gregory and James Prescott, be struck to consider and review the future of the Mail Order Service

MSC That the Mail Order Service Report [Word 25K] be adopted

7. Archivist's Report (Maureen Chafe, as circulated)

David Gregory volunteered to investigate through the Calgary archive site the possibility of the digitalization of aspects of the Fowke collection.

David Gregory reported on the discussions held (with Regula Qureshi and John Leeder) and actions taken so far in connection with the release of archival recordings.

MSC That the Archivist's Report [Word 21K] be adopted

8. Bulletin Report (Editors David and Rosaleen Gregory, as circulated)

Following discussion on the question of the reproduction of photographs in the Bulletin, David requested that photos be sent in either .TIF or bitmap form, rather than .JPEG.  He reported on the question of page lengths for the Bulletin and noted that the problem was essentially a cash-flow problem, not a budgetary one. Members discussed at length the question of a joint subscription to the Bulletin, the Journal and the Folklore Studies Association of Canada (FSAC) magazine Ethnologie.

On the subject of the Festival Directory, the members discussed the possibility of the website carrying listings of festivals across the country, and the Festival Directory listings only a Calendar, thus reducing the need for such an extensive yearly review of the material.

MSC That the Editors be authorized to set a per issue price for the Bulletin

MSC That the Editors, after consultation with the Treasurer and the Editor of the Journal,  be authorized to put into place a trial joint subscription to Ethnologie, the Journal and the Bulletin

MSC That the Editors be encouraged to accept such advertising as they deem advisable and appropriate and that the rates for such advertising be fixed following consultation with the Treasurer.

MSC That the Bulletin Report [Word 23K] be adopted

MSC That the Society thank Editors Rosaleen and David Gregoryfor their hard work and fine product.

9. Journal Report (Gordon Smith, as circulated)
MSC That the Journal Report [Word 22K] be adopted

MSC That the Society thank Editor Gordon Smith for his hard work and fine product.

10. Membership Report (James Prescott, as circulated)
MSC That the Membership Secretary's report [PDF 65K] be adopted

11. CSTM Website Report (Heather Sparling, as circulated)

Members discussed the need for a “listserv” or web-based discussion forum for the Society.  Richard Wright had initiated one and so was Zainab Jerrett. Heather Sparling will check on this.

MSC That the Website Report [Word 25K] be adopted

12. Next Year's AGM

MSC That the Society accept with pleasure the offer of the Vancouver Folk Song Society to host the 2005 Annual General Meeting in New Westminster, BC, with Jon Bartlett and Rika Ruebsaat as lead organizers.

The members briefly discussed the idea of holding the 2006 AGM at Quebec City, in conjunction with the Society's 50th Anniversary and the Centenary of the birth of Marius Barbeau.

13. Elections
MSC That we convene as Committee of the Whole

MSC That we rise from Committee of the Whole.

The following were duly nominated and elected to the following offices:

President:                              Norman Stanfield

Vice-Presidents:                 Sandria Bouliane
                                          Lorne Browne

Secretary:                              John Leeder

Treasurer:                              James Prescott

Directors:                               Mike Ballantyne
                                              Jon Bartlett
                                              Judith Cohen
                                              Dave Foster

 These, together with the following Honorary and ex officio members, constitute the Board for 2004-2005:

Honorary President:            Phil Thomas

Archivist:                               Maureen Chafe

Bulletin Editor:                     Rosaleen Gregory

Journal Editor                       Gordon Smith

Past President:                       Leslie Hall

 MSC That in addition to duties (if any) requested of them by the Society or its President, Directors should work to further the Society's objectives in appropriate ways, in particular, in:

 - fostering awareness of the Society and its activities, and in recruiting members;

 - contributing to the Society's publications as their abilities and expertise permit;

 - acting as local liaison for traditional music activities in their areas, in particular in supplying news items to the Society's publications;

 - soliciting review copies for the Society's publications and its Mail Order Service, of recordings, books, etc. with significant traditional music content or connections, particularly those without national commercial distribution.

 This motion was carried unanimously

 14. Constitution

Notice of Motion (to be moved at the Annual General Meeting of 2005)

That the By-Laws be amended to allow the Board to appoint an additional two Directors

 Judith Cohen's offer to review the French translation of the CSTM Constitution was kindly accepted.

 15. Other Business

A.  Sabine Inc.

The Society had received a notification that it might be a potential creditor in bankruptcy proceedings of the above named entity.  No action is called for

B. Publicity of conferences

Members discussed the need to ensure that all potential attendees at AGM/Conferences of the Society are informed of the location and the date at a time far enough ahead as to allow them to attend.  Rika Ruebsaat volunteered to make up a master list of people who ought to be individually invited (in addition to information going to their university or archive).  She will also create a protocol for the organizing of an AGM, for future organizers.

C. Expressions of Gratitude

MSC That John Leeder be appointed an Honorary Life Member of the Canadian Society for Traditional Music (carried unanimously)

MSC That the Society warmly thank Carole Carpenter for her hosting of this year's Annual General Meeting.

16. Adjournment

That the Meeting adjourn

Jon Bartlett, Acting Secretary