Minutes of the 2005 Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Society for Traditional Music

November 6, 2005. Douglas College, New Westminster, British Columbia.

[MSC = Moved, Seconded, Carried]

In attendance: Jon Bartlett, Maureen Chafe (2 proxies), Judith Cohen (1 proxy), David Gregory, Rosaleen Gregory (1 proxy), Pat Howard, Roger Howard, Bill Huot, John Leeder (4 proxies), Bob Orava, John Oswald, Sandria P. Bouliane, Rika Ruebsaat, David Spalding, Norman Stanfield (2 proxies), Paddy Tutty, David Warren, Louise Wrazen

1. Agenda: MSC that the agenda be adopted.

2. Minutes: MSC that the minutes of the 2004 Annual General Meeting be adopted as distributed.

3. Reports:

President (Norman Stanfield) (oral report)
MSC that the report (Word 34K) be received with thanks.

Treasurer (James Prescott)
MSC that the report (PDF 72K) be received with thanks.

Secretary (John Leeder) (no formal report)

Mail Order Service (Dave Foster)
MSC that the report (Word 25K) be received with thanks.

It was recommended that the co-editors of Canadian Folk Music co-ordinate with the Mail Order Service in order to improve awareness among the members, and also that affiliation with distributors be explored.

Mail Order Service Website (Zainab Jarrett) (no formal report; subsumed in MOS report)

Archivist (Maureen Chafe)
MSC that the report (Word 26K) be accepted with thanks.

It was recommended that all members with old material pertaining to the Society send it to the Archives, and also that a link with the University of Calgary website be set up. 

Bulletin (David Gregory)
MSC that the report (Word 22K) be received with thanks.

Journal (Gordon Smith)
MSC that the report (Word 22K) be received with thanks.

It was recommended that the Journal consider changing its format to appear more “academic”, and also that publication of two issues per year be considered; David Gregory volunteered to contact the Editor in this regard.

Membership Secretary (James Prescott)
MSC that the report (PDF 65K) be received with thanks.

CSTM Website (Heather Sparling)
MSC that the report (Word 27K) be received with thanks, with particular thanks for setting up the CSTM listserv.

4. 2006 Annual General Meeting:

MSC that the Board be empowered to choose the date and location of the 2006 Annual General Meeting.

Judith Cohen volunteered to contact Shelley Posen to explore the possibility of meeting in Ottawa. It was recommended that the federal Heritage Minister be invited to attend.

5. Elections:

MSC that we go into the Committee of the Whole.
MSC that we come out of the Committee of the Whole.

The following persons were elected (subject to acceptance, in the case of members not in attendance who did not agree to stand in advance):

President: Rika Ruebsaat
Vice-Presidents: Lorne Brown, Sandria P. Bouliane
Secretary: John Leeder
Treasurer: James Prescott)

Jon Bartlett

[Ex officio: Past President: Norman Stanfield; Directors: Maureen Chafe (Archivist), Rosaleen Gregory (Bulletin co-editor), Gordon Smith (Journal co-editor)]

6. Constitution:

Notice of motion for 2006 AGM (John Leeder): That in ss. 15, 19 and 22 of the English-language version “the Canadian Folk Music Bulletin” be replaced by “Canadian Folk Music”, and that concomitant changes be made to the French-language version.

MSC that a new by-law 17 be enacted to read: “17. The Board of Directors may from time to time, by majority vote, elect one or two additional Directors to serve until the next Annual General Meeting.”

MSC that Sandria P. Bouliane be thanked for her corrections to the French version of the Constitution.

7. Other Business

  1. Vera Johnson CD (Mike Ballantine): Referred to the Recordings Committee (David Gregory, chair). It was recommended that the committee be included on the CSTM website.

  2.  ICTM (Judith Cohen)

MSC that Judith Cohen be appointed as CSTM's representative to the International Council for Traditional Music.

MSC that the Board be authorized to delegate a representative to attend meetings of the ICTM when Judith Cohen is unable to do so.

It was recommended that at future AGMs the report of the ICTM representative be included with other reports as under agenda item 3 above.

  1. Presidential musings (Rika Ruebsaat) on the future of CSTM

  2. Students at Conferences (Sandria P. Bouliane)

MSC that an Awards Committee be struck (with members Sandria P. Bouliane, Louise Wrazen, Norman Stanfield, Judith Cohen) to investigate the possibility of presenting awards for the best student papers at CSTM conferences, and also to investigate the possibility of obtaining a grant from SSSHRC to fund student travel to CSTM conferences.

  1. Fundraising: John Leeder reported that the Pine Grove camping weekend barely broke even due to inclement weather, and that the Entertainment Books project was not yet completed.

  2. Journal:

MSC that the Board be empowered to discuss with Gordon Smith the future of the Journal, and to come to a decision.

  1. Membership Rates:

MSC that the membership rates be raised to the following, to commence with the 2006 publication year:

$65.00 for Canadian addresses, $80.00 for non-Canadian addresses
$40.00 for Canadian addresses, $55.00 for non-Canadian addresses
$25.00 for Canadian addresses, $35.00 for non-Canadian addresses.

It was requested that the Membership Secretary send to Jon Bartlett a list of British Columbia members.

  1. Departed Members: The late Sue Goldberg was remembered.

  2. Dates of AGMs: No decision was made on the question of holding Annual General Meetings at a different time of year.

The following tentative locations for upcoming AGMs were suggested: 2006 Ottawa, 2007 York University, 2008 Halifax.

8. Expressions of Gratitude

MSC that outgoing President Norman Stanfield be thanked for his years of service.
MSC that the organizers of the conference be thanked.

9. Adjournment

MSC that the meeting be adjourned.