Minutes of the 2006 Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Society for Traditional Music

November 5, 2006. Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario.

[MSC = Moved, Seconded, Carried]

In attendance: Kelly Best, Sandria Bouliane, Judith Cohen, Paula Conlon, Dorothy DeVal, Bev Diamond, Jonathan Dueck, David Gregory, Rosaleen Gregory, Leslie Hall, Anna Hoefnagels, Sherry Johnson, Elaine Keillor, Judith Klassen (2 proxies), Kaley Mason, Chris McDonald, Kathy McKinley, Mike MacDonald, Nur Intan Murtadza, Robert Rodriguez, Marcia Ostashewski, Sheldon Posen (1 proxy), Regula Qureshi, Jessica Roda, Heather Sparling, Norm Stanfield, David Warren, Louise Wrazen, Heather Wright

  1. Chair: MSC that Norman Stanfield chair the meeting and that Heather Sparling serve as secretary..

  2. Agenda: MSC that the agenda as distributed be modified to have expressions of thanks moved to the third item (after the minutes).  MSC that the agenda be adopted as modified.

  3. Minutes: MSC that the minutes of the 2005 Annual General Meeting be adopted as distributed.

  4. Expressions of Thanks:
    MSC that the organizers of the conference, Anna Hoefnagels, Sheldon Posen, Elaine Keillor, and Sam Cronk, be thanked.
    MSC that Rika Ruebsaat be thanked for her thoughtful piece entitled “Whither the CSTM.”
    MSC that John Leeder and James Prescott be thanked for their years of service.
    MSC that Noel Salmond be thanked for assisting in securing the conference rooms.

  5. Reports:
    President (Rika Ruebsaat)
    No report received.

    Treasurer (James Prescott)
    MSC that the report (PDF 68K) be received with thanks.

    Secretary (John Leeder)
    MSC that the report be received with thanks.

    Report: As usual, there is little to report except that I am not standing for re-election. I will, however, mop up any secretarial matters connected to this year's meeting, as well as conveying my regrets at not attending and my thanks to the person taking the minutes in my place. I will be happy to give orientation to the new secretary if any is required.

    Mail Order Service (Dave Foster)
    Report (Word 22K) received by email after the fact.

    Mail Order Service (Zainab Jarrett)
    Report subsumed under "Mail Order Service."

    Archivist (Maureen Chafe)
    Report received by email after the fact.

    Report submitted by John Leeder: Maureen Chafe has had further computer problems and has been unable to file a formal report, but reports there has been little activity during the past year, aside from delivering two boxes of material to the archives before her move from Calgary to Newfoundland. She is prepared to continue as Archivist, and feels that the job is still feasible at long distance, but she is prepared to step down if anyone else wants the position.

    Canadian Folk Music (aka "The Bulletin") (David Gregory & Rosaleen Gregory)
    MSC that the Report (Word 27K) be received with thanks.

    Journal (Gordon Smith)
    MSC that the report (Word 23K) be received with thanks.

    Membership (James Prescott)
    MSC that the report (PDF 64K) be received with thanks.

    Website (Heather Sparling)
    MSC that the report (Word 25K) be received with thanks.

    International Council for Traditional Music (Judith Cohen)
    MSC that the report (Word 24K) be received with an amendment to correct the spelling of Jonathan Dueck's name.  Received with thanks.

  1. 2007 AGM
    The 2008 AGM has already been committed to Halifax.

    Moved and seconded that the 2007 AGM be held in Edmonton and the 2009 AGM be held in Quebec.  Motion defeated (For: 10; Against: 16; Abstentions: 11).

    MSC that the 2007 AGM be held in Quebec City in conjunction with the Folklore Studies Association of Canada and American Folklore Society meetings, if possible (to be determined by November 30, 2006); if Quebec City is not viable for 2007, then the 2007 AGM to be held in Edmonton; if Quebec City is viable, then the 2009 AGM to be held in Edmonton.

    At least 10 CSTM members indicated their intention of attending the Quebec City conference.

    Jonathan Dueck is willing to assist with establishing video conferencing with small, local CSTM groups unable to travel to the CSTM AGM.

    Sandria Bouliane and Judith Cohen volunteered to investigate possibilities at Laval University.  Judith Cohen volunteered to speak with members of FoSAC.  Since the  meeting can only take place in Quebec if someone at Laval agrees to organize it (Sandria cannot), the Executive will await the outcome of Sandria's inquiries and take the next appropriate steps.

  2. Elections:
    It was noted that there was no open call for nominations to the general membership this year, but there should be in future.

    MSC that we go into the Committee of the Whole.
    MSC that we come out of the Committee of the Whole.

    The following persons were elected (subject to acceptance, in the case of members not in attendance who did not agree to stand in advance):

President:                     Sheldon Posen
Vice-Presidents:         Anna Hoefnagels, Sandria Bouliane
Secretary:                    Sherry Johnson
Treasurer:                    Chris McDonald

Lorne Brown
Judith R. Cohen
Clary Croft
Beverley Diamond
Dave Foster
David Gregory
Leslie Hall
Judith Klassen
Michael MacDonald
Kaley Mason
John Leeder
Regula Qureshi
Heather Sparling
Norman Stanfield
Janice Tulk

Past-President:                                          Rika Ruebsaat
Director/Archivist:                                      Maureen Chafe
Director/Canadian Folk Music co-editor:     Rosaleen Gregory
Director/Journal editor:                              Gordon Smith


  1. Constitution:
    MSC that ss 15, 19, and 22 of the English-language version be modified from “the Canadian Folk Music Bulletin” to “Canadian Folk Music,” and that concomitant changes be made to the French-language version.

  2. Other Business:

    Awards Committee (Sandria Bouliane)
    To be addressed by the new executive

    Fundraising (John Leeder)
    The new executive will consider possibilities for SSHRCC conference and publication funding.  It was noted that conference funding may be applied for twice a year, with deadlines of November and May 1.  It was noted that the publication funding is awarded on a three-year cycle and that the next opportunity for funding arises in 2007.  Changes are currently being made by SSHRCC to both types of funding.

    Recordings (David Gregory)
    Oral report received.  Due to a lack of funding last year, no projects were undertaken.  However, the Recordings Committee will investigate possible collaborations with Folkways Alive and similar organizations.

    Appointed Positions
    It was decided that the executive would appoint an ICTM representative and Membership Secretary.

    Mike MacDonald committed to work with the executive in order to develop and provide classroom and instructional support for members.

  3. Adjournment:
    MSC that the meeting be adjourned at 3:00.