Minutes of the 2007 Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Society for Traditional Music

November 3, 2006. University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta.

[MSC = Moved, Seconded, Carried]

In attendance:  Malaena Allen, Graham Blair, Judith Cohen (1 proxy), Sam Cronk, Niyati Dhokai, Jonathan Dueck, Cari Friesen, David Gregory, Rosaleen Gregory (1 proxy), Leslie Hall, Klisala Harrison, Anna Hoefnagels, Sherry Johnson (2 proxies), Gary Kachanoski, Jessica Keyes, Judith Klassen, John Leeder (1 proxy), Matt Love, Kaley Mason, Mike MacDonald, Marcia Ostashewski, Bruce Pollack, Regula Qureshi (1 proxy), Tim Rogers, Erin Sharpe, Gordon Smith, Norm Stanfield, Janice Tulk

Chair: Anna Hoefnagels
Secretary: Sherry Johnson

  1. Introductions and Regrets:  Anna Hoefnagels introduced herself (VP– Anglophone) and Sherry Johnson (secretary) and passed on regrets from Sheldon Posen (president), Sandria Bouliane (VP-Francophone), and Chris McDonald (treasurer)

  2. Agenda: MSC that the agenda be adopted.

  3. Minutes: MSC that the minutes of the 2006 Annual General Meeting be adopted as posted on the website, printed in the Magazine, and distributed via the listserv.

  4. Expressions of Thanks:  MSC that the organizers of the conference, Regula Qureshi, and all students and others serving on the local arrangements committee and program committee be thanked for their organization of the conference.

  5. Work of the Board

MSC that the annual dues for membership be $60 for individuals, $25 for underemployed/students/seniors, $85 for institutions, and outside Canada, add $10, effective in the next fiscal year.  The society will continue to use the honour system for those people who identify as underemployed/student/senior.

MSC that the Society support the initiative of the Journal editor, in consultation with the Publications committee, to explore a new name for the Journal, a new layout for the Journal, and a new image for the Journal cover, and that changes resulting from this initiative be incorporated in the forthcoming 2007, volume 34 issue of the Journal if possible.

The board agreed that Chris McDonald will become a signing authority, having taken over the position of treasurer from James Prescott.  John Leeder will remain as second signing authority.


  1. Reports:

    Treasurer (Chris McDonald)
    MSC that the report be received with thanks.

    Mail Order Service (Dave Foster)
    MSC that the report be received with thanks.

John Leeder told the members that we will need someone to take over the mail order website as soon as possible.  He would take this on himself; however, he has been told that he does not have sufficient technical skills.

Archivist (Maureen Chafe)
MSC that the report be received with thanks.

Canadian Folk Music Magazine (David Gregory & Rosaleen Gregory)
MSC that the report be received with thanks.

David announced that two new editorial board members have been found:  Norman Stanfield and Janice Tulk.  They are still looking for editorial board members who are francophone and/or can represent the North.

Journal (Gordon Smith)
Report received by email after the AGM for reasons which are made clear in the report.

Membership Secretary (James Prescott)
MSC that the report be received with thanks.

John Leeder reminded us that we need to find a new membership secretary, preferably someone from Calgary, since all the mail-outs, etc., occur in Calgary.

Website (Heather Sparling)
MSC that the report be received with thanks.

International Council for Traditional Music (Judith Cohen)
MSC that the report be received with thanks.

  1. Future AGMs

    The 2008 AGM will take place in Halifax in conjunction with the Helen Creighton Society.  Clary Croft will be organizing the meeting.

    There was discussion about the possibility of some joint meetings with the Folklore Studies Association of Canada in the future, and the possibility of changing CSTM meetings to the spring.  Judith Cohen volunteered to speak with Monique Deroches at the Universite de Montreal about the possibility of the 2009 conference being held there.

    MSC that we go into the Committee of the Whole.

    MSC that we come out of the Committee of the Whole.

  1. Elections

Judith Cohen was elected as interim Vice-President (francophone) until a francophone member of the society can be found to take on the position.

President:  Sheldon Posen

Vice-President (Anglophone):  Anna Hoefnagels

Secretary:  Sherry Johnson

Treasurer:  Chris McDonald

Julie LeBlanc was elected as a new Director, subject to her acceptance.


Clary Croft
Beverley Diamond
Dave Foster
David Gregory
Leslie Hall
Judith Klassen
Michael MacDonald
Kaley Mason
John Leeder
Regula Qureshi
Heather Sparling
Norman Stanfield
Janice Tulk

Past-President: Rika Ruebsaat
Director/Archivist: Maureen Chafe
Director/Canadian Folk Music co-editor: Rosaleen Gregory
Director/Journal editor: Gordon Smith

  1. Constitution:  The board is striking a committee to examine the constitution.

  1. Other Business: Membership Secretary (John Leeder)
    There was some discussion around the need for a new Membership Secretary.  John is already Membership Co-secretary, and James Prescott will continue to fill the position until someone can be found.  It was left that John Leeder and Regula Qureshi would find a way to fill the position between Calgary and Edmonton.  David Gregory raised the point that we need someone who will do a membership drive for the Society.  Anna Hoefnagels suggested that we don't rewrite the duties of the position until after the board examines all the positions this coming year. 

    MSC that James Prescott be thanked for continuing to fulfill the function of membership secretary despite having resigned at the 2006 AGM.

    Student Report (Michael McDonald)
    Michael MacDonald read a report coming out of the meeting of between 15 and 18 graduate student members.  Marcia Ostashewski asked the executive to initiate a prize for the best student paper. 

    MSC that the executive review the welcome recommendations presented in the student report.

    MSC that that formal vote of thanks be given to Anna for chairing this meeting in the absence of the president.

Fundraising (John Leeder)

John reminded us that his report had been circulated prior to the meeting and that any fundraising initiatives would be received with thanks.

Judith Cohen recommended that an email be sent to members of the Ballad Project, whose memberships in the CSTM had been paid previously by the Ballad Project.  Since that practice has been discontinued, we should encourage members to renew their memberships on their own.

Departed Members
A minute of silence was observed for long time CSTM member, Phil Thomas.

Honorary President and Corresponding Secretary
Since Phil Thomas was the honorary president and corresponding secretary, we need to find new people to fill those positions.  John Leeder suggested we find a francophone and/or aboriginal person to be the honorary president.  John volunteered to be the corresponding secretary since he already does a lot of the Society's correspondence. 

Klisala Harrison announced the first meeting of the newly formed ICTM study group on Applied Ethnomusicology will be held in Slovenia from July 9-13, 2008.  She encouraged CSTM members to participate.

Anna Hoefnagels reminded members that the proceedings from last year's conference will soon be available from Cambridge Scholars Press.
  1. Adjournment:

MSC that the meeting be adjourned at 2:49pm.