Minutes of the 2008 Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Society for Traditional Music

November 15, 2008. Saint Mary's University, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

[MSC = Moved, Seconded, Carried]

In attendance:  Leanne Arnison, Ons Barnat, Kelly Best, Graham Blair, Margo Carruthers, Judith Cohen, Beverley Diamond, Kate Dunlay, Jean Duval, Robin Elliott, David Gregory, Rosaleen Gregory, Andy Hillhouse, Anna Hoefnagels, Sherry Johnson (2 proxies), Judith Klassen, Andrew Mark, Charity Marsh, Chris McDonald, Evelyn Osborne, Marcia Ostashewski, Sheldon Posen, Regula Qureshi, Gordon Smith, Heather Sparling, Marg Steiner, Peter Toner, Louise Wrazen

Chair:  Sheldon Posen
Secretary:  Sherry Johnson

  1. Agenda: MSC that the agenda be adopted.

  2. Minutes: MSC that the minutes of the 2007 Annual General Meeting be adopted as posted on the website, printed in the Magazine, and distributed via the listserv.

  3. Expressions of Thanks:  MSC that Clary Croft, Cindy Campbell, and Margo Carruthers, from the Helen Creighton Society, Anna Hoefnagels and Heather Sparling from CSTM, as well as all volunteers in Halifax, be thanked for their organization of the conference. Thanks also to folkwaysAlive! for translations.

  4. Reports:
    Treasurer (Chris McDonald)
    MSC that the report be received with thanks.

    Mail Order Service (Dave Foster)
    MSC that the report be received with thanks.

Archivist (Maureen Chafe)
MSC that the report be received with thanks.

Canadian Folk Music Magazine (David Gregory & Rosaleen Gregory)
MSC that the report be received with thanks.

Journal (Gordon Smith)
MSC that the report be received with thanks.

Membership Secretary (James Prescott)
MSC that the report be received with thanks.

Website (Heather Sparling)
MSC that the report be received with thanks.

  1. Work of the Board

    1. AGM/Conference Planning Sub-Committee:  Anna Hoefnagels reported that the committee organized the conference and a conference-planning template.

    2. Constitution and Board Sub-Committee:  Sherry Johnson reported that the committee examined the constitution of the CSTM carefully, consulted with those involved with recent constitutional changes in FSAC, and recommends that the committee consult with CSTM Parliamentarian David Warren to ascertain the legality, feasibility, and procedures for future changes.

    3. Fundraising and Finances Sub-Committee:  Chris McDonald reported that the committee had considered a number of fundraising possibilities, as outlined in their formal report to the Board.

    4. Outreach/Membership Sub-Committee:  Judith Cohen outlined a number of initiatives of the committee including setting up a Facebook page for CSTM, and designing flyers that members are asked to distribute widely.

      MSC that the Outreach/Membership committee be empowered to carry out projects, including the printing of a flyer and postcard, subject to the Board's approval of each project and within a budget to be discussed with the board.

    5. Publications Sub-Committee:  Sheldon Posen asked journal editor, Gordon Smith, to introduce the new look of the journal.

      MSC that the name of the Journal be changed to read Musicultures - Journal of the Canadian Society for Traditional Music/Revue de musique folklorique canadienne effective in the forthcoming issue, vol. 34 (2007/08).
      Graham Blair introduced a new website design.
      MSC that the new website design, as shown, be accepted by the Society. MSC that the Society give Graham Blair a 5 year membership in thanks for his work for the Society.

    6. Discussions regarding the future of the Mail Order Service will be undertaken by the Board in the coming year.

  1. Future AGMs

The 2009 AGM will take place at the Université de Montréal in conjunction with the Laboratoire de recherche sur les musiques du monde (LRMM), and the Observatoire international de la création et des cultures musicales (OICCM).  Judith Cohen and Regula Qureshi will be liaising with local organizers on behalf of CSTM.

The 2010 AGM will take place at the University of Regina, hosted by Charity Marsh.

There is a possibility that the 2011 AGM will take place at Memorial University of Newfoundland in conjunction with the International Council for Traditional Music.  Beverley Diamond is our liaison for this meeting at this time.  The dates for the ICTM meeting are already set:  July 13-19, 2011.  Since our constitution currently requires that the CSTM hold an AGM at least once in each 12 month period, we will need to discuss further if, how, and when the meeting can be held in the spring and/or summer.  The possibility of a permanent spring meeting of the CSTM has been discussed for many years.

MSC that we go into the Committee of the Whole.
MSC that we come out of the Committee of the Whole.

  1. Elections

Anna Hoefnagels was elected as President.  Louise Wrazen was elected as Vice-President (Anglophone).

President:  Anna Hoefnagels
Vice-President (Anglophone):Louise Wrazen
Interim Vice-President (Francophone):  Judith Cohen
Secretary:  Sherry Johnson
Treasurer:  Chris McDonald

Andrew Zinck and Charity Marsh were elected as Directors.
Ronald Labelle was nominated as a new Director, which he later declined.

Clary Croft
Beverley Diamond
Dave Foster
Leslie Hall
Judith Klassen
Michael MacDonald
Charity Marsh
Kaley Mason
John Leeder
Regula Qureshi
Heather Sparling
Norman Stanfield
Janice Tulk
Andrew Zinck

Past-President: Sheldon Posen
Director/Archivist: Maureen Chafe
Director/Canadian Folk Music co-editors: David & Rosaleen Gregory
Director/Journal editor: Gordon Smith

MSC that John Leeder be nominated, subject to his acceptance, as Honorary President of the Canadian Society for Traditional Music, in appreciation for his many years of service to the Society, as well as his contributions to music-making in Canada.

  1. Constitution:  The constitution committee will bring its recommendations to the next AGM. 

  1. Other Business:

a) Vacancies
i) Membership Secretary:  There will be ongoing discussions regarding finding a replacement for James Prescott. 

ii) Web Manager:  Janice Esther Tulk agreed to take over as Web Manager.
MSC that Heather Sparling receive a 5-year membership for her work as Web Mistress.

iii) Mail Order Manager:  The need for a new Mail Order Manager will be determined by Board discussions regarding the future of the Mail Order Service.

b) Departed members
Tribute to Conrad Laforte by Gordon Smith (to be printed in Canadian Folk Music).

c) Milestones
- Jean Duval (Masters – U of Montreal)      
- Janice Esther Tulk (PhD – MUN)
- Judith Klassen (PhD – MUN)
- Norman Stanfield (PhD – UBC)
- Sija Tsai (MA – York)
- Heather Peters – (MA York)
- Kip Pegley's book, Coming to You Wherever You Are: MuchMusic, MTV and Youth Identities (2008)
- Heather Sparling has an upcoming article in Ethnomusicology 

It was suggested that there be a place on the CSTM website to which members can input their own accomplishments to share with Society members.  This will become an important site for resources related to ethnomusicology in Canadian and/or by Canadians.

d) Announcements: 
- Robin Elliott announced that the Institute for Canadian Music is looking for publications.

- Sincere thanks was expressed to Sheldon Posen for serving for 2 years as President of the CSTM.

  1. Adjournment:

MSC that the meeting be adjourned at 2:49pm.