Minutes of the 2010 Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Society for Traditional Music

June 4, 2010. University of Regina, Regina, Saskatchewan.

[MSC = Moved, Seconded, Carried]

In attendance: Ons Barnat Kelly Best, Graham Blair, Judith Cohen, Beverley Diamond, Jean Duval, Cari Friesen, Kate Galloway, Monique Giroux, David Gregory, Anna Hoefnagels, Sherry Johnson (2 proxies), Judith Klassen, Andrea Kuzmich, Michael MacDonald (1 proxy), Charity Marsh, Kaley Mason, Chris McDonald, Marie-Hélène Pichette, Leila Qashu, Regula Qureshi, Laura Risk, Jessica Roda, Gordon Smith, Heather Sparling (1 proxy), Norman Stanfield, Sija Tsai, Gillian Turnbull, Geoff Whittall, Louise Wrazen

Chair: Anna Hoefnagels
Secretary: Sherry Johnson

1. Agenda / L'Ordre du jour 2010: MSC that the agenda be adopted.

2. Approval of Minutes / Approbation du compte-rendu 2009: MSC that the minutes of the 2009 Annual General Meeting be adopted as posted on the website, printed in the Magazine, and distributed via the listserv.

3. Expressions of Thanks/Remerciements: MSC that the following expressions of thanks be extended on behalf of the membership:

4. Reports / Rapports: MSC that the following reports be received with thanks:
President / Présidente (Anna Hoefnagels) report/rapport
Treasurer / Trésorier (Chris McDonald) report/rapport
Canadian Folk Music / Musique folklorique canadienne (David Gregory & Rosaleen Gregory) report/rapport
MUSICultures (Gordon Smith) report/rapport
CSTM Administrative Office / Bureau d'Administration de SCTM (Folkways Alive!) report/rapport

5. Work of the Board / Travail du conseil d'administration
Anna Hoefnagels reported that ongoing work of the board includes finding editors for our two publications and initiatives for membership enrolment and fundraising.

6. Future AGMs / Assemblée générale annuelle à venir

The 2011 AGM will take place with the International Council for Traditional Music at Memorial University of Newfoundland in St. John's, Newfoundland in July 2011.

Gordon Smith has tentatively agreed to host the 2012 meeting at Queen's University in Kingston, ON.

MSC that we go into the Committee of the Whole.
MSC that we come out of the Committee of the Whole.

7. Elections / Élections
Elections for the 2010-2011 Board and Executive were held with the following results:

President: Anna Hoefnagels
President-Elect: Marie-Hélène Pichette
Secretary: Judith Klassen
Treasurer: Chris McDonald
Student Representative: Monique Giroux

Judith Cohen (2 years)
Clary Croft (2 years)
Jean Duval (2 years)
Dave Foster (1 year)
Kate Galloway (2 years)
Leslie Hall (1 year)
Kristin Harris Walsh (2 years)
Fethi Karakacelli (2 years)
Michael MacDonald (1 year)
Marcia Ostashewski (2 years)
Jessica Roda (1 year)
Norman Stanfield (1 year)
Janice Tulk (1 year)
Louise Wrazen (1 year)

Honourary President: John Leeder
Past-President: Sheldon Posen
Canadian Folk Music co-editors: David & Rosaleen Gregory
MUSICultures editor: Gordon Smith


8. Other Business / Autre affaires
Charity Marsh reported on the numbers of abstracts that had been received, the number of people attending the meeting and the number of papers presented. She explained the meaning behind the logo for the conference.

MSC that, given sufficient advanced notice by those who require it, organizers of future AGMs assist with accommodation whenever possible.

Anna Hoefnagels reminded members to submit their work to our two publications.

David Gregory, our new archivist, announced that he is looking for back issues of some of our publications in order to ensure that a copy of each of our publications is kept in the archives


9. Adjournment / Ajournement: MSC that the meeting be adjourned at 1:05pm.