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Canadian Women Economists Network / Réseau de Femmes Économistes
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We are a small community, spread over a large country. To network with fellow women economists, contact us and let us know if you have news to share, pictures to post, or new research that you would like us to feature on the website.

CWEN gratefully acknowledges the support of the Canadian Economics Association.


The Canadian Women Economists Network/Réseau de Femmes Économistes was founded in 1990 as an independent association of persons interested in promoting women economists and their ideas. Over the past two decades, CWEN has been instrumental in promoting women's involvement with and within the wider Canadian economics community.

CWEN Report on the Status of Women in the Economics Profession in Canada/ Rapport du RFÉ sur le statut de la femme au sein de la profession d'économiste au Canada

Last year, the Canadian Women Economists Network (CWEN) conducted a survey of female representation in Economics departments in Canada, similar to the American CSWEP survey. This follows from CWEN's mission to promote women in the Economics profession in Canada. In this survey, we asked Department Heads to report the numbers of women and men faculty members at the different professorial ranks, as well as similar numbers among students who represent the future contingent of economists. The report first describes gender trends over the past decade among faculty members in departments of economics as well as university enrollment in economics in Canada using data from the CAUT Almanacs. It also compares those to similar trends in the United States.

The report will be available soon and will be posted to the CWEN website.


You are now able to renew your CWEN membership through the CEA Website. See our Membership Page for more information.

Updated Constitution and By-Laws

At the CEA meetings in Quebec City, members ratified a new version of the constitution. The constitutional changes were relatively minor . The main changes were:

1. To create a new position on the executive: President-Elect. With the expectation that normally the vice-president one year will assume the position of president-elect the following year, and the position of president the year after that. This will replicate the transition process that is used for the CEA leadership, and we feel will give the organization a bit more continuity in leadership over time and allow for longer term planning.

2. To make more explicit some expectations around financial reporting. Although we have had no issues to date, it seems to make sense to explicitly state when the financial year of the organization ends and when financial statements should be produced.

3. To remove the explicit statement of membership fees from the constitution. Although the current fees are exactly as stated in the constitution, we thought it might make sense to allow for greater flexibility by placing membership fees at the discretion of the executive.

The current constitution can be viewed here.

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