• Welcome to Perspectives on Labour & Employment Law (GS Law 6805)

    Hello everyone,

    I trust that Professor Tucker’s classes went well.  We are now gearing up for the second part of the course, which is with me.  This section reviews a selection of ‘hot topics’ in the field ranging from collective labour law, to regulatory theory, human rights enforcement, and the many possible ‘futures’ of work law.  The goal of this set of pods is to expose you to academic writing on contemporary debates in the field.

    I was required to put the materials together last December, when there was still some uncertainty about the availability of guests, as I mention on the syllabus.  One of our guests was going to be the Ontario Minister of Labour, Linda Jeffrey.  However, due a cabinet shuffle, our guest is now Minister of Housing, and won’t be coming.  I am in discussions with another possible guest to fill that slot, and I will report back shortly.

    Our other originally planned guests are still coming, Andrew Pinto and Jim Stanford.  You may have noticed that there are missing readings for the session on human rights on the Friday afternoon, which is the session that will be attended by Andrew.  That’s because I wanted to include some scholarly discussions of the Pinto Report arising out of a symposium held at Queens Law School last fall.  Those papers are being published in the Canadian Labour & Employment Law Journal, of which I am the Articles Review Editor.  I was hoping to receive some of those papers and obtain permission to send them to you as readings. Unfortunately, I have not received the papers yet.  I will fill in that reading list by next week.

    I will use this website to post materials and other information, and I will send you an email to advise you when new information has been posted.

    I look forward to meeting you all in about 7 weeks’ time.

    Best, David









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