• Missing Reading Added, Some Readings Removed

    Hi everyone,

    Yesterday, going through the binder of readings Osgoode sent me, I realized that Reading R3, my paper on Graduated Freedom of Association, was missing.

    Here is is:  David Doorey, “Graduated Freedom of Association: Worker Voice Beyond the Wagner Model” (2012 Queens Law Journal)

    I’ve given you the full article, but you can skip pages 524-530.  The paper discusses a possible legal model of minority trade unionism in the Canadian context by drawing on the base elements of ‘freedom of association’ recognized by the Supreme Court of Canada in Charter litigation.

    Also, I just received an email from Justice Whitaker.  He informed that he has been assigned to hear a trial in Ottawa the day he is scheduled to visit our class.  He said that if the case settles or is adjourned for some reason, he will come, but otherwise he won’t be able to make the visit.  Therefore, because I know your time is short, you can skip the readings that were assigned for his segment.  Assuming Justice Whitaker cannot come, we will just use this time to finish up material that might run over from earlier sessions, allow you to work on your presentations for the next day, and speak to me about possible essay topics.

    See you next week.  David

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