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About the Department

Key Functions

The Department of Occupational Health and Safety (DOHS) provides occupational health and safety services to employees of the University. The functions and services of DOHS include:

  • Provides advice to the University for compliance with occupational health and safety legislation
  • Provides recommendations to the University for the development of health and safety related policies
  • Provides an annual report on health and safety to the Board of Governors Audit Committee
  • Develops health and safety related programs and procedures
  • Assesses, monitors and provides consultation on the control of workplace hazards (e.g. chemical, biological, ergonomic, laser, radiation, occupational diseases, noise, indoor air quality, etc.)
  • Provides safety training and educational materials
  • Monitors the operation of the Joint Health and Safety Committees
  • Develops accident investigation, prevention and response (e.g. first aid) programs

Staff Directory

Contact information for the department's staff

Joint Health and Safety Committees

Members, minutes, and inspection schedules