mehr Kunst in der Toilette
Veronika Dimke and Don Sinclair

In June 2008 I attended a workshop at in Munich. Ralf Shreiber was the workshop leader and Natalia Borissova was the organizer of Sensitive Circuits in their Collective Forward. In this workshop, we explored the creation of sound generating and moving electronics based on power from solar panels. No computers were involved! The workshop culminated in a group show. I worked with Veronica Dimke to create a piece in the quietest space we could find as the main room was seeming quite loud. The space we found was the washroom (toilette). Our light-sensitive creations, squeaked, squawked and moved with the light level to entertain people spending time to themselves. We called it: mehr kunst in der Toilette.

See solarsoundmodul and suneater.

Here are some additional images from the workshop.

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