Out walking the dog one cold December day, Eric thought it might be a nice project to talk to a friend on Skype a couple of times per month and record the proceedings and call it a podcast! A quick email chat with Phil, and we were in line to try our hand at a podcast. After an initial test of the equipment to be sure we could make it work, we began recording Glossonomia on January 8, 2009.

The episodes are recorded using a double-ender technique, with Phil in Irvine CA, and Eric in Toronto Canada. Each of us records our side of the conversation, Eric emails his portion to Phil and then the two parts are combined into a single conversation by Phil.

At this point, the plan is for the podcast to feature a new vowel sound one week, and a new consonant sound the next. We’ll keep going like this until we can think of a better way to do it, or until we run out of sounds!

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Glossonomia is a podcast about Speech. In each episode, Phil Thompson and Eric Armstrong  chat about a different speech sound. Glossonomia refers to “naming the tongue,” or in our case to name the sounds the tongue makes.

The Conversation Begins...