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voice & speech: journey of the voice


Journey of the Voice:
Anatomy, Physiology and the Care of the Voice

by Eric Armstrong

This study of the production of articulate sound can be thought of as a journey through a series of processes. Along the journey we will encounter many physical landmarks, the anatomy, and see some amazing events, the physiology. Hopefully you will come to understand how the different steps along the path of voice and speech lead to the utterance that creates spoken language.

However, one must remember that voice, in reality, is not like a linear voyage that goes through one thing at a time: many of these processes work at once, and the action of speaking is complex and integrates many actions at once.

The Journey's Itinerary

This voyage may seem a little intimidating at first - many of the structures we'll be visiting have big, foreign sounding names (mostly Latin or Greek) - and some of the processes are hard to get a handle on. If you have any problems, please don't hesitate to ask questions by email, at or even by phone at (416) 736-2100 x77353

Bon Voyage!


More on Anatomy, Physiology and Care of the Voice

Book: Speech and Hearing Science : Anatomy and Physiology
by Willard R. Zemlin

The definitive book on the Anatomy and Physiology required for those studying Speech and Hearing Science. Also, see Study Guide/Workbook to Accompany Speech and Hearing Science Anatomy and Physiology. Highly recommended.

Gallery of Laryngeal Pathology
The Centre for Voice Disorders of Lake Forest University houses a gallery of gruesome images, and gorgeous vocal folds on display for all to see. See what damage those nasty cigarettes can really do.