September 2018

Article published describing hyperfine structure of oriented polar molecules and details proposed EDM3 experimental method. Our publication, <b>Orientation-dependent hyperfine structure of polar molecules in a rare-gas matrix: a scheme for measuring the electron electric dipole moment</b> featured as the Editor's Choice for Physical Review A

August 2018

Insert coldhead into vacuum system and create first cryogenic Ar solid.
A sin graph showing signal with high frequency before frequency lowers for a period and the signal levels off
A close up of a thin window.
A side view of the open vaccuum system, showing a copper coldhead inside

July 2018

Acquired and tested three laser systems: an ECDL with a wavelength tunable from 790 to 870 nm for spectroscopy of BaF embedded in solid Ar, a stabilized HeNe (632 nm) for interferometry, and a Nd:YAG green laser with a power of 500 mW for photoluminescence. A side view of three lasers

June 2018

Complete vacuum system to house the experiment. A side view of the vaccuum system. Two large supercrosses are seen connected, with a large turbo pump coming out of the top of the further one. Several wires are seen attached.

May 2018

First attempt at Ar annealing. Three graphs side by side. <br> The leftmost shows normalized transmission (units arbitrary) against time in minutes from 45-90 min. The graph dips from 45-60 min
		before rising from 60-70 min at which point it plateaus.<br> The next graph shows temperature of 2nd stage(K) vs time in minutes (from 45-90). A fairly linear upwards sloping line (with slight negative curvature) is seen. The line increases at a rate of about 0.42 K per min starting from around 22 K at 45 min<br> The last graph is pressure (Torr) vs time and shows a graph which plateau until 50 min, until it rises steadily until peaking around 70 min before declining.

April 2018

Finish renovation on new 2000 square-foot laboratory space.
Two photos of a lab space. Lots of shelving is shown. A corner of an optical table is seen .
A data collection station with a computer and two racks are seen. A vacuum sstem is slightly visble above the smaller rack. The optical table and some benches are also visible.

March 2018

Isotopically pure 138Ba19F observed from an electrospray source.
A mass spectrometer graph showing distinct peaks one 136.80, 157.50 and 154.50.