MA in Science & Technology Studies, York University

October 15, 2014: Attended Fall Convocation where I graduated with my Master of Arts in Science and Technology Studies at York University in Toronto. Photo.

Major Research Paper: "Smashing Atoms and Expectations - Entrepreneurial Science and the Dawn of Publicly-Funded High-Tech Venture Capital at Robert J. Van de Graaff's High Voltage Engineering Corporation" was accepted by the Department of Science and Technology Studies and the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Read it on

Supervisor: Dr. Katharine Anderson

Second Reader: Dr. Edward Jones-Imhotep

Graduate Program Director: Dr. Kenton Kroker

Founding GPD: Dr. Bernard Lightman

Research Areas: Particle Accelerators - history, funding, strategy, communications, policies, competition, applied physics, entrepreneurial science, venture capital, influences and influencers, marketing, etc.

Post-Graduate Research (Independent):


Conferences, Workshops, & Papers:

Graduate Courses: 


BA (Hons.) - Summa Cum Laude
& The President's Medal, York University

June 14, 2010: Attended Spring Convocation where I graduated with a BA (Hons.) and was awarded the President's Medal at York University in Toronto. YFile story.

Major: Professional Writing

Minor: Science & Society

GPA: 8.24/9.0

Medal: President's Medal (Murray G. Ross Award) at Convocation. York University's highest honour - bestowed by the Senate to the top graduating undergraduate for high academics and contributions to the University.


Undergraduate Courses (120 credits):