Here are a selection of kudos, compliments, and other kind words from clients, employers, and colleagues. More can be found at my Linked-In profile.


Richard Fisher, Chief Communications Officer, University of British Columbia.

"Edward is a seasoned and rounded communicator who can slide easily between media. Most of all though, he's a rare breed - an early adopter who's also a grown-up who understands how to use each medium to its fullest (pun intended). He's also a nice bloke to work with."

Prof. Peter Paolucci, Ph.D., Stong College, Department of English, York University (Toronto).

"Edward brings a very extensive skill set to the workplace. He is results-oriented, highly committed to quality and excellence, hard working, and a very direct and forthright communicator with excellent interpersonal skills. He reads the political "lay-of-the-land" well and works very well under pressure. He has initiative, integrity, and intelligence and gets great results whether he is working alone or with others."

Mark Farmer, Digital Strategist, Strategic Communications Office, York University (Toronto).

"Edward has a keen interest in social media, and has been a great supporter of it on campus, participating actively in the digital team I lead at York. He has great skills in developing websites and promoting his program through social media, and has been an early adopter of a variety of platforms. Edward can speak with authority on a number of digital communications issues and brings a good management sense to his work."

Ralph Halt, Program Manager's Office, Light Armored Vehicles, United States Army.

"Mr. Fenner is an excellent editor and manager of people, workload, time, and customers. He is very versatile and ...has always taken to heart the responsibility of submitting high-quality products that are delivered on time. His hard work, dedication, and commitment to quality publications, communications, and customer service are the standard for which others should be measured."

Aldous Smith, Owner, WordSmithInk.

"His grasp of an encyclopedic range of subjects gives him an excellent foundation for a variety of projects, commercial, technical and otherwise. I enthusiastically recommend Edward Fenner, as both an insightful editor and writer, and as a very able manager of personnel and publishing & communications projects."

Peter Hunt, (former) Vice President, Research & Development, Cybermation Inc. (now a part of Computer Associates)

"Edward is a very creative problem-solver and has demonstrated a good sense of situational adaptability... and is committed to excellence in everything he does, a strong team player, ... and very effective."

Tina Rogers, Executive Vice President, Cybermation Inc.

"...a major contributor of creative and dynamic communications, ... excellent written and visual communications skills, to work unsupervised, deadline-sensitive and reliable, and provided a consistently good standard of project work."

Bahram Olfati, (former) Director, Sales & Marketing, Permacharts Inc.

"I strongly recommend [Edward Fenner] for any managing editorial work in publishing, marketing communications, and publicity materials. Also, his writing is clear, concise, and evocative. His research is always thorough and comprehensive. Edward Fenner is an extremely talented communicator."

Lexx Luker, Senior Writer, General Dynamics.

"Edward reorganized the entire technical publications QA process, developed writing style guides for various publications contracts resulting in vastly improved quality and productivity of our defense publications group. 

Leadership, organization skills, and management abilities, Edward has these qualities in abundance. Moreover, it was a pleasure to work with him."

Karen Correia Da Silva, founder and editor-in-chief of the art collective and webzine Steel Bananas, associate editor of Existere: Journal of Arts and Literature, the assistant editor and designer of the literary press Tightrope Books

"Working with Edward Fenner at Existere and Emma Healey at The Incongruous Quarterly has been simply amazing because they are both amazing, hardworking writers with great vision." - profileThe Toronto Quarterly, 3 NOV 2010 

Andrea Lemieux, Owner, Lemieux Editing Services.

"It was a pleasure to work for Edward Fenner. He was most skilful at organizing the creation and production of a wide variety of complex projects. He always had a ready answer to my queries, and he earned great respect from everyone on his team through his superior skills at managing people."

Veronica Sliva, Owner, Sliva Communications.

"I have been lucky enough to work for Edward Fenner on a number of projects. Edward demands work of the highest standard. His ability to clearly define a project at the outset means that there are no surprises. He is approachable, and questions are always addressed immediately. As a writer, this makes my job run smoothly. His attentiveness allows me to deliver material that I am proud of, and that I know meets the client's needs."