Romanian Online Dialect Atlas
An experimental presentation of linguistic information
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RODA Version 2.0 November 2007

Here is our initial presentation of the Romanian Online Dialect Atlas. It includes data from Volumes I and II of the source atlas, and has the following functions:

  • Selection of data files (One data file for each hardcopy page; 407 files in total);
  • Search for data (You specify a string of characters to be found in one or more files);
  • Virtual keyboard (It allows you to specify a search string using the notation of the field notes);
  • Manual review and editing of search results (You can handle "exceptions" that you find in your search);
  • Display of search results on a custom-built map;
  • Creation of interpretive maps, either from search results or manually;
  • Editing of maps (They can be labelled, given legends, and saved as .jpg files for use in publications);
  • Multidimensional scaling (MDS) analysis of selected files (Results are shown as a map);
The system also provides access to a selection of sound clips. These sound clips represent a lot of data (compared to the rest of the system), so we will provide the sound data at a later date. At this time, you get only a few sample sound files.

Note on data: We are aware of a few instances where the the hardcopy data has more variants than the online system can display. We are working to address this issue. If you encounter any cases where the data appears to be inappropriately presented, please let us know.

Figure: Part of a RODA interpretation map.


To use the system, you need to install the system on your computer:

  • Download to any new directory on your system.
  • Unzip the package (Try right-clicking on the zip file to access your computer's built-in unzip utility). You must extract the files, and not just use them from the unzip directory. The unzip utility will create a file called 123RunMe.jar, and several directories with files needed for our system. (Do not alter the .jar file or the system or data files.)
  • The system will also create a directory called User where, by default, you can store maps and other outputs of the system.
  • When, the system has been installed, click or double click on 123RunMe.jar to run the application.
  • The system takes a few moments to load. Please be patient, and watch the progress bar on the opening screen.
  • If 123RunMe.jar does not seem to run, it may be that you need to load the Java run time environment. This is easily done by going to to get the free download. It takes only a few moments.
  • If the program starts but does not show a map of North-west Romania on the cover screen, it may be that you did not extract the files from the zip file. Run your unzip utility (or right-mouse click on the .zip file) and select the extract option.
  • There is help-text on each page of the system. Click on the [?] button for information on how to use RODA.
  • To download (9.6MB), click here.
  • To see earlier prototypes of the Atlas, click here.

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