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Emergency Preparedness Program
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Emergency Notification

Emergency Notification

Depending upon the type of emergency, you may be informed of an emergency through a variety of methods:

  • Immediate activation of a fire alarm
  • Viewing the Emergency Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Screens on campus
  • Directly by York University Security Services, Emergency Response Wardens or municipal emergency responders (Police, Fire, EMS)
  • Activation of a telephone call tree
  • Notification through email or a voicemail distribution list


Updates and information about the emergency will be made available through the following methods:

Academic Information
Information related to class scheduling, examinations and other relevant information is available through the Office of the Registrar at the following website: Office of the Registrar

Transportation Services

Transporation Services posts emergency information and scheduling changes affecting transportation to and from the campus at the following website: Transportation Services

Parking Services
Parking Services posts emergency information affecting parking on campus at the following website: Parking Services

Unversity Infromation Technology
University Information Technology posts the status, planned system outages and condition of the York University network services and computing systems on the following website: University Information Technology

Weather Status
York University Security Services continuously monitors weather conditions and the latest forecasts. Weather Emergency Information is updated immediately on the following website should York University’s weather emergency procedures be adopted: Weather Status

Please do not call the Security Control Centre to obtain information about the emergency unless you have specfic information to provide about the emergency. All updates will be provided through one or more of the methods listed above.