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Emergency Preparedness Program
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Emergency Response Warden Program

The Emergency Response Warden program is a vital part to the safety of both York University campuses. Emergency Response Wardens (ERW) are volunteers from all parts of the York University community (faculty, staff and students).

The main function of the ERW is to assist in the safe and prompt evacuation of faculty, staff, visitors and/or students from a designated area during an emergency or drill.  ERWs are recognizable by their orange vests and hats.  Building Emergency Captains wear yellow vests and hats and provide direction to ERW’s.

We are always looking for volunteers to participate in the Emergency Response Warden Program.


Warden Program


Volunteers must attend a 3 hour in-class training session in which they are given an overview of emergency management in Ontario and how it pertains to us here at York University.  Existing staff currently involved in the program should ensure they refresh their training annually either in-class or online.

Available training dates are listed on the registration page. All in-class training sessions are normally held on either the last Wednesday or Thursday of each month from 1pm to 4pm in Room 213 of the William Small Centre.  Light refreshments are also provided.  A minimum of 15 people are required for each session. The session is capped at 25 persons. The online training session is restricted to refreshers only.


Faculty and staff interested in volunteering to be Emergency Response Wardens or that need to refresh their training should notify their departmental Emergency Preparedness Coordinator or Building Emergency Captain and obtain approval from their direct manager or supervisor prior to registering for a training session.

Training sessions for students in residence are normally held in mid-October. If you would like to volunteer to be a student Emergency Response Warden, please contact your Residence Life Coordinator or Don who will make the necessary arrangements for you. Please do not register online.








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