Selected Papers from

Critical Disruptions of Communication and Cultural Flows

Annual Graduate Student Conference
Hosted by the students in the Joint Programme in
Communication and Culture, York and Ryerson Universities

Table of Contents

Luminato Festival: Toronto's answer to the crisis of space and place for citizens
Michele Anderson
Ryerson and York Universities

Architectures of Crisis in Blindness and Synecdoche, New York
May Chew
Ryerson and York Universities

The 'Night of the World': Power, Subjection, and Crisis
Matthew Flisfeder
Ryerson and York Universities

The 'Claws of Absolute Necessity': Deleuze on Culture
Andrew Iliadis
Ryerson and York Universities 

Engaging with the Mal(e)function: Progress and Politics in Daphne Marlatt's Ana Historic
Carolyn Krahn
University of Victoria

Re-mapping the River on Film
Vanessa Lamb
York University

Recycling as a Crisis of Meaning
Max Liboiron
New York University

Crisis' as Tool in the Digital Games Industry: Resistance or Command and Conquer?
Owen Livermore
University of Western Ontario

Time's Arrow as Postmodern Apocalypse: Temporal Ruptures, Perpetual Crisis and the Cultural Imagination
Laura Wiebe Taylor
McMaster University

Nostalgia for Crisis: Representing Revolution in North American Popular Culture
Emily Truman
Carleton University

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Amy Ratelle and Sanja Obradovic

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