Humanities Graduate Conference 2008

Selected Papers from

The Inhuman: Investigating Continental Thought in the Humanities

Graduate Student Conference
Hosted by the Graduate Program in
Humanities, York Universities

Table of Contents

Dead to the World: Embodied Gender Transgression and the Loss of Humanity
Kestryl Lowrey
New York University

Ethical Community as More than Human: Food Animals and Aporetic Decision
Jessica Carey
McMaster University

Lyotard and the Oikos
Gregory Kalyniuk
Trent University

The Politics of Becoming: Cyborgs and Posthumans as a New Ground to Think Identity
Emilie Dionne
York University 

Beyond Human: The flight towards an animal in the Central European/Czech Literature (Kafka, Hasek, Capek, Kundera)
Jan Matonoha
Institute for Czech Literature, Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague

A Nietzschean Posthumanism: Aesthetic Mastery of the Knowledge Drive
William Wahl
University fo Toronto

Canadian Ghosts and the Will to Truth: Reading Marlene Norbese Philip's “Looking for Livingstone”
Concetta Principe
York University

“He who is unable to live in society…must be either a beast or a god”: Situating the 'Inhuman' in Aristotle's Political Thought
Matthew James Austin
University of Western Ontario

Posthuman Revisions of Organic Form in Poetry
Michelle Niemann
University of Wisconsin Madison

Art as Other Collectives
Heather Davis
Concordia University

Thanks to the editors:

Robert Brown
Concetta Principe
Joshua Synenko
Zipporah Weisberg

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