Selected Papers from

Intersections 2010: Encounters.
Situating "Relation" in Communication and Culture
9th Annual Graduate Student Conference
Hosted by the students in the Joint Program in
Communication and Culture, York and Ryerson Universities

Table of Contents

Beyond Stasis: The Medium of Moving Bodies in the Work of Choreographer
Ginette Laurin
Niomi Anna Cherney
Concordia University

Incorporeal Encounters and Affective Relationality in Krzysztof Kieslowski’s The Double Life of Véronique
Justin Derry
York University

Media of Autonomy: Community Radios of Dakar
Jeanne Dorelli
Concordia University

The Cyborg Affect: Encountering Via Switch
Barbara Fornssler
European Graduate School

Encountering the “Ecopolis”: Foucault’s Epimeleia Heautou and Environmental Relations
Petra Hroch
University of Alberta

An Encounter with the Dead and a Fantasy of Communication: Intersubjectivity of Elegiac Poetry
Toshiaki Komura
University of Michigan

Canadian Identity and Canada’s Indian Residential School Apology
Jason Stabler
University of Victoria

Renegotiations of Canadian Space in Contemporary CBC Audio Distribution Models
Miles Weafer
York and Ryerson Universities

Edited by Paul Couillard and Sara Martel

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