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About Us

Existere is a nationally-distributed literary magazine. It was founded and first published in 1978 as a student-run journal covering literature and poetry. In 1980, the journal began publishing regular issues. Over nearly three decades, Existere has largely published as a quarterly, but in recent years has published semi-annually. Content, focus, and presentation has varied widely over the years, but has always included poetry and short stories as its core. Photography, reviews, art, essays, and postcard stories, novel chapters, and much more have appeared on our pages. Existere will continue to be a student-run journal and publish fiction, photography, and art, but will also add more non-fiction, reviews, and criticism as we grow.

How do you pronounce Existere? It depends who you ask. Our name comes from Latin and means "to stand out" or "to stand apart." Therefore is should be pronounced ex-iss-TAIR-AY. However, being that Latin is not in as common usage as it once was, many refer to our name as EX-ISS-STAIR. Either is fine. We're just happy to have you pick up a copy and enjoy our contributors.

Existere has a listing on Wikipedia (help us with our history), a fan site on Facebook (post your comments, we want to hear from you), and a Twitter account (ExistereJournal).

The current staff includes:

Edward Fenner, Publisher (2007+), Editor Emeritus, & past Executive Editor (2007-2009). Edward was a mature student at York University and is the founder of YUMSO - the York University Mature Students' Organization, an influential peer group advocating on behalf of thousands of mature students at YorkU. Edward has over 30 years experience as a writer and editor in the corporate sector and was keen on reinventing the journal as a strong voice in its peer group. He completed his BA (Hons) in professional writing in 2010 and completed his MA in Science and Technology Studies at YorkU. Edward is also the former publicist and talent wrangler for the Words Alive Literary Festival.

Hajer Mirwali, Executive Editor, is a fourth year Creative Writing and Biology student at York University.

Camellia De Castro, Associate Editor, is a fourth year Professional Writing student at York University.

Karen Geem, Associate Editor, is a fourth year Philosophy and Creative Writing student at York University.

Nicole Mannell, Senior Art Editor.

Erin Lockhart, Senior Fiction Editor.

Jahnome McEwan, Senior Non-Fiction Editor.

Akash Bansal, Senior Poetry Editor.

Syed Omair Ali, Janel Halenko, Sita Raghunanan, and Ekraz Singh, Editorial Team.

Emma Beckett, Luke Gagliardi, and Monica Vessio, Submissions Team.

Priscila Uppal, Peter Paolucci, and Stanley Tweyman, Editorial Board.

Journal Layout: Nicole Haldoupis and Nicole Mannell (Vol. 33), Angela Leung (Vol. 30-32), Sarah Merekar (29.1 & 29.2), Jakub Tywoniuk (28.2).

Accounting Assistants: (open)

Business Management, Marketing, & Sales Interns: (open)

Outreach Manager: (open)

Office Administrator: (open)

Website Designer: Lea Kaplan & Annie Si-Wing Tung

Benefactor: Vanier College Council