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Literary Collections Where Existere Resides

Library and Archives Canada
University of Wisconsin - Madison, Little Magazine Collection
York University's Scott Library

Books, Collections, or Websites of Interview Subjects

Vol. 37.1 Andrea McKenzie's novel L.M. Montgomery at McGill-Queen's University Press.
Vol. 36.1 Michael Helm's novel After James at Penguin Random House.
Vol. 35.2 Teva Harrison's graphic memoir In-Between Days at House of Anansi.
Vol. 35.1 Leah Horlick's poetry collection For Your Own Good at Caitlin Press.
Vol. 34.2 Linda King's profile on Wikipedia.
Vol. 34.1 Binnie Brennan's novel Like Any Other Monday at the author's website.
Vol. 33.2 George Elliott Clarke's poetry collection Traverse at Exile Editions.
Vol. 33.1 Priscila Uppal's poetry collection Summer Sport: Poems at the author's website.
Vol. 32.1 & 32.2 Vincent Lam's novel The Headmaster's Wager at the author's website.
Vol. 29.2-Vol. 31.2 No conversations these issues.
Vol. 29.1 Nino Ricci's GG-winning novel The Origin of Species at the author's website. Click here to read the yFile story.
Vol. 28.2 Jacob Scheier's GG-winning poetry collection More To Keep Us Warm at ECW Press.
Vol. 28.1 Anthony De Sa's novelized collection Barnacle Love at the author's website.
Vol. 27.2 Diana Gabaldon's novel Lord John and the Brotherhood of the Blade at Random House Canada. Diana's Website.
Vol. 27.1 & 27.2 Michael Redhill's novel Consolation at Random House Canada.

Literary Magazines/Journals of Interest

Canadian Literary Magazines listing on Wikipedia
Canadian Literature listings on Wikipedia

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Carousel is a hybrid literary & arts magazine. We are interested in representing both new and established artists, with a specific focus on positioning Canadian talent within an international context.

ditch, is a Canadian online poetry magazine celebrating the non-conforming, the radical, the alternative, the surreal, the avant-garde, the non-linear, the abstract, the experimental.

fringeLIT is an online literary journal devoted to up and coming writers with vision and skill. We publish work demonstrating raw energy and timelessness. We want work that is alive. This is a venue for serious writers frustrated with the tastes of the academic literary establishment.

the Maynard is an online magazine. We are interested in writing and images from everyone and we do not restrict content to themes, trends, programmes, or schema.

Nostrovia! Poetry is a small, independent press dedicated to the promotion of writers and poets, of all varieties.  Nostrovia! Poetry publishes writers through multiple blogging platforms, anthologies, zines, ebooks, and various other methods of publication.  The goal is to promote the poets and writers of Now and provide a platform for them to step forwards in their careers as authors and poets.

Rampike features post-modern art and writing from around the world with a strong focus on Canadian expression.

Studio Poetry Journal is an on-line, international poetry journal with a focus on the cultural work of poetry in contemporary society.