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Existere - Journal of Arts and Literature is a publication established and administered by students at York University in Toronto, Canada. Founded in 1978 the journal was revitalized beginning with the October 2007 issue, and was funded by Vanier College Council from Fall 2007 until Spring 2018, at which time the journal's benefactor became the Founders College Council.

Existere continues to publish exciting new works of poetry, visual poetry, short fiction, postcard fiction, photographs, art, reviews, essays, and short plays. We will experiment with our new voice as the journal finds its place among our peers in Canada and around the world.

Existere continues to publish works from local talent, but also from those far and wide.

These are exciting times as Existere charts new creative waters for the future with a bolder, broader vision and a stable infrastructure that will benefit students in writing, arts, and English programs by giving them experience for their future careers.

Existere has a diverse and talented new crew of volunteers with a passion for arts and literature who are committed to producing a quality journal that is both exciting and reflective of York University's community - a microcosm of the world community - but also which embraces York U's philosophy: "Redefine the Possible."

We hope you will find the new Existere journal exciting, thought-provoking, fun, and a fascinating read. Your comments are most welcome.

- Edward Fenner