The Joy of Visual Perception: A Web Book on a Compact Disc (CD)

I can supply, at cost, a copy of The Joy of Visual Perception: A Web Book on a compact disc. The advantage of viewing this book from a CD is that the graphic images will appear on your screen much faster than if downloaded from the York University server.

The disadvantage is that a CD copy of this book is frozen in time. The book is under constant development and changes will be instantaneously available on the Web. If a CD is returned to me, I can place a new image of the book on your CD only for the cost of mailing.

Please be aware that if you do look at the book from a CD and if you wish to activate the links that go beyond the book (i.e., to other scientists' computers around the world) you will still need to be connected to an internet service provider (ISP). Nevertheless, for material directly on the CD there will be a considerable time savings as compared to obtaining the same information from the server.

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